Celebrity Trend Watch: Lace Tights!

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In 2009, we scoffed at Taylor Momsen's resemblance to a raccoon.

We mocked Miley Cyrus for... everything she did.

We bowed in awe at the talents and success of Taylor Swift.

But while this trio of young beauties may seem as different as the seasons, they all followed one fashion trend in 2009: the donning of lace tights.

Below, the self-absorbed 17-year old; award-winning singer; and Gossip Girl star all show off this look. What do you think of it?

Lace tights

Do you like lace tights?


As much as I like the look of the lace stockings, I also think they detract from the ability to admire their exquisite legs, a nude, sleek pair of womens legs is a beautiful sight to behold, and covering them, even with sheer, lacy fabric, should be outlawed! Admittedly, I have, on occasion, caught myself admiring pairs of stockinged legs, but anytime I see myself licking a woman's leg, it is unencumbered by hosiery! (Alyssa!)


hey !
well as you guys know i really like miley and i really think that she is the best ! and all the anther is just not in her lig !
and miley if u see this messege sand me an email to alex_R100@windowslive.com


Heya i think the all look gawjus
and guess what on the radio taylor swift said that miley cyrus was hut beestfriend lol yeah go taylor and miley


why they didnt put selena gomez in the pic she was too in the pic with taylor and wearing lace tights too

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