Celebrity of the Year Finalist #5: Adam Lambert and Lady Gaga!

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As 2010 draws near, The Hollywood Gossip staff looks back on the year that was, honoring finalists for our prestigious, 3rd Annual Celebrity of the Year award.

These stars have given us their best, their worst, their off-the-wall antics and in the case of these two, an immediate, but lasting impact on the music world.

It's time for THG to pay tribute to this greatness.

Yesterday, the '09 countdown featured lots of Tiger Woods mistresses at #6. Today, we present Celebrity of the Year Finalist #5: Adam Lambert and Lady Gaga!

Lady Gaga Nude

The year in music belonged to these two rising stars.

He started the year as an unknown; made headlines in February for his flamboyant acts; finished second on American Idol; and has to already be considered one of the most successful singers in the show's history.

Adam Lambert hasn't merely made a name for himself in 2009, he's created a cult following in fewer than 12 months.

Hated by some and embraced by others, the crooner managed to handle his sexuality with both subtle grace AND over-the-top exploits. Adam has more in common with Lady GaGa than unique fashion taste and controversial performances.

Both are well-spoken in interviews and deadly serious about their craft.

Lambert made out with a man at the American Music Awards, but 2009 will be best remembered as the year he made off with the title of Most Fascinating Singer Alive.

As for his female counterpart, Lady Gaga produced a half-dozen hits this year, proving herself so much more than a gimmick or flamboyant flash in the musical pan.

Not that there was a shortage of flamboyance.

She dressed as scrap metal, a gimp, a button, a chain-smoking rabbit, and a Kermit the frog doll collage. She simulated her own bloody murder on stage. She was even rumored to be a hermaphrodite after one revealing display.

We love her for every moment of it. That's just Lady Gaga for you.

It's only fitting that these dynamic performers share the #5 spot on our end-of-year countdown. Click to enlarge pics of Adam Lambert and Lady Gaga below ...

Good Morning, America!
Awesome Artist
For Details
Masked Gaga
Lambert for Vevo
AMA Smooch
Lady Gaga Naked Pic
Lady Gaga Nude Pic
Lady GaGa Naked
Lady Gaga the Muppet


Gaga: cool songs, but does she personality? Where is it? I take Adam over anybody..


Adam and Gaga would be my dream concert; both are such amazing and exciting performers.


I am loving all the end of the year accolades that are being given to Adam Lambert because I think he truly deserves them. I also think that Adam and Lady Gaga should get a tour together because it would sell out all over the world. I look forward to 2010 just to see what else Adam has in store for us.


Adam is the best singer/entertainer is decades , loved him since Bohemian Rapsody on Idol. Proud to be a Glambert. Adam is not only a magnificent voice and awesome entertainer, he is one of the most articulate, sweet, humble, enlightend human beings I know of, I love who he is, his courage,his heart his humanitarianism. I have also come to like and admire Gaga because Adam has always spoken so highly of her and I really like her music and her as a person. They are what music has been waiting for and needs. I will pay $ big bucks to see Adam perform, buy all his music, I love him, and now Gaga too. They are # 1 with me


Excellent choice. I'm a huge Adam Lambert fan but Adam has often stated that he's a huge Lady Gaga fan so he is undoubtedly very flattered to be coupled with her for this honor. You got it right when you coined Adam "The Most Fascinating Singer Alive". His amazing vocal skills alone are enough to warrant the title but also with a megawatt smile, unfaltering positive attitude and incredible grace and style he manages to walk a fine line between edgy bad boy rocker and charming boy next door. Adam is changing attitudes and the music industry one smile and one incredible note at a time.


Great choice. These two singers are bringing about change to this country for the better. They are also exciting to watch and are exceptional singers. I would pay a lot of money to see these two together, or ever just Lambert.


Started out just a Glambert but lately I've gone Gaga, too. :) (I mean, she wrote the best dance song on his album! She rocks!) Wicked to see this, I know Adam in particular will be incredibly flattered. Thank you so much for this.


Adam Lambert and Lady Gaga are by far the most exciting singers we have seen in decades. They are not only amazingly talented but they are also endlessly fascinating. These two ultra-talented singers deserve long, fruitful careers. It certainly looks like they are well on their way.


I would camp out for days for tickets if those two toured together.


Yhe music world has been waiting for performers like these two. You cannot keep your eyes off of them- they should be at #1. Love them both.

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