Celebrity of the Year Finalist #5: Adam Lambert and Lady Gaga!

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As 2010 draws near, The Hollywood Gossip staff looks back on the year that was, honoring finalists for our prestigious, 3rd Annual Celebrity of the Year award.

These stars have given us their best, their worst, their off-the-wall antics and in the case of these two, an immediate, but lasting impact on the music world.

It's time for THG to pay tribute to this greatness.

Yesterday, the '09 countdown featured lots of Tiger Woods mistresses at #6. Today, we present Celebrity of the Year Finalist #5: Adam Lambert and Lady Gaga!

Lady Gaga Nude

The year in music belonged to these two rising stars.

He started the year as an unknown; made headlines in February for his flamboyant acts; finished second on American Idol; and has to already be considered one of the most successful singers in the show's history.

Adam Lambert hasn't merely made a name for himself in 2009, he's created a cult following in fewer than 12 months.

Hated by some and embraced by others, the crooner managed to handle his sexuality with both subtle grace AND over-the-top exploits. Adam has more in common with Lady GaGa than unique fashion taste and controversial performances.

Both are well-spoken in interviews and deadly serious about their craft.

Lambert made out with a man at the American Music Awards, but 2009 will be best remembered as the year he made off with the title of Most Fascinating Singer Alive.

As for his female counterpart, Lady Gaga produced a half-dozen hits this year, proving herself so much more than a gimmick or flamboyant flash in the musical pan.

Not that there was a shortage of flamboyance.

She dressed as scrap metal, a gimp, a button, a chain-smoking rabbit, and a Kermit the frog doll collage. She simulated her own bloody murder on stage. She was even rumored to be a hermaphrodite after one revealing display.

We love her for every moment of it. That's just Lady Gaga for you.

It's only fitting that these dynamic performers share the #5 spot on our end-of-year countdown. Click to enlarge pics of Adam Lambert and Lady Gaga below ...

Good Morning, America!
Awesome Artist
For Details
Masked Gaga
Lambert for Vevo
AMA Smooch
Lady Gaga Naked Pic
Lady Gaga Nude Pic
Lady GaGa Naked
Lady Gaga the Muppet


They are by far my favorite performers. They should have shared the number one spot though. I show Adam in concert last summer. He was spectacular! I will be seeing Lady Gaga in January. Iwish they would tour together. It would so amazing!


adam is true to himself, as he said some people don't like what he does and some people agree. i am quite impress with his principle, that's the way it should be because of his sexuality open minded people embrace him, take him or leave him, as simple as that.


Good Choice! Adam/Gaga Will Rock the World! The like surprising us, and we love entertainment! These are 2 of the most talented, and smart people in the biz!


Adam Lambert and Lady Gaga are the hottest performers right now. Love them both!!!


His mom herself cant be prouder of him than me!!!


I agree that Adam is literally the most fascinating singer Alive! And Gaga is truly madly talented. I just don't see how the music world will ever be the same now that these two have emerged. I also love the cultural impact Adam is having on the American perspective on gays. The prejudice and bigotry is out of the closet! You said "Both are well-spoken in interviews and deadly serious about their craft". Couldn't be a more appropriate or truer statement when it comes to Adam and Gaga - great article and yeah for the recognition well deserved for these fascinating artists.


Every award reinforces what we have known since February, that Adam is an incredible talent, a one of a kind entertainer, a true gentleman, and is here to stay. And, it is thanks to him that many of us have widened our musical horizons to include Lady Gaga, Muse, and other artist about whom he has tweeted. We are in it for the long haul !!


Lady GG is a total idiot.....no talent, and alot of hype Now Adam is another story...love him, have no clue what he sees in LGG.


Two very excellent choices. I can't take my eyes off either one of them when they perform. A dream come true would be both of them touring together. Could that ever be possible?
I admire, their conviction and dedication to their artistic expression through music and performing.


Adam Lambert and Lady Gaga made music exciting again in 2009. They WERE music in 2009!!! really love the 2 rs issues side by side. they are both icons of glam! they both keep us wondering what's next? isn't that the true measure of an entertainer? they keep you wanting more, while keeping you wondering what?

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