Celebrity of the Year Finalist #4: The Kardashian Klan!

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As 2010 draws closer, The Hollywood Gossip staff looks back on the year that was, naming finalists for our prestigious, 3rd Annual Celebrity of the Year award.

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    First of all they may not have starred in a movie ( yet) cut an album(yet)but, maybe it wasn't a sex tape but kim did make some bad choices and there were some nude pictures of her that were in the wrong hands and did get out. As for Kourtney knocking herself up? I'd like to see somebody knock there self up? Actually she got knocked up the night she gave in and spread her legs for that arrogant, cocky, ass wipe of a boyfriend she should have stayed broke up from an wasn't responsible enough to use protection. As for Klohe marring a rich dude, hello, has anyone noticed they are rich to begin with??? Their dad defended O.J. for goodness sake. Look at Anna Nicole Smith, no records, movies or films either. People are just star struck!


    guess what guys! ya'll r jealous of their success so much so u cant wait to say nasty comments. first, u say its boring(but u read it! ha!)then u talk about shoes ? come of it,its so obvious u aint got nythin gud to say so how about u try to shut up a little bit more? Oh,and if u eva av ur own shows(which u neva will)x-pect a lot WORSE 4rm ME dweebs!


    over-rated....for nothing! But....people like to watch a train wreck. They are the next Jon & Kate....just watch!


    the shoes are horrible.


    bbbooorrriiinnngg/ why are everboby wonder adout what they are doing or what they have not do the press is so lame/noseiers

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