Celebrity Deaths of 2009: A Tribute

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It's one of only two guarantees in life, so it's never too surprising when a star leaves us. But this year was quite unlike most others in terms of celebrity deaths, both in terms of pure volume and in the nature in which some passed away.

From some of the biggest celebrities on the planet to those we barely got to know, and from older stars to those who were taken from us far too soon, 2009 marked a sad farewell to so many memorable names and faces.

Here's a list of notable celebrity deaths of 2009. If we left anyone off, it was just a mistake. Just leave a comment and we'll add them ASAP ...

Adam "DJ AM" Goldstein

Bea Arthur

Billy Mays

Brittany Murphy

Chris Henry

David Carradine

Dominick Dunne

Don Hewitt

Ed McMahon

Erik Gates

Farrah Fawcett

Henry Gibson

Jack Kemp

Jasmine Fiore

Jett Travolta

John Hughes

John Updike

Les Paul

Michael Jackson

Vintage MJ

Natasha Richardson

Patrick Swayze

Paul Harvey

Robert Novak

Ron Silver

Roy Disney

Ryan Alexander Jenkins

Sahel Kazemi

Soupy Sales

Steve McNair

Ted Kennedy

"The Rev" Sullivan

Walter Cronkite


James Owen Sullivan (A.K.A. The Rev) of Avenged Sevenfold (Drummer)


Sahel Kazemi? In a TRIBUTE to celebrities that died this year? First of all, she was a murderer...since when does that deserve a tribute? Second of all, she was some unknown trying to extort money from an NFL player...how was she a celebrity?? Seriously, people...rethink that post. Disgusting.


he didnt say he was naming everyone ever this year that died he said he was naming FAMOUS people. Some of those people are not famous like Harry Kalas famous Phillies broadcaster no disrespect to him or his family but i dont know that many people that read this website know who excatly he is? just a thought...ps how do you know of all those people


Sorry, should have clarified that Horton Foote, directed To Kill A Mockingbird, the movie. He was a famous playwright.


i know this girl named jade bellamy she said on the day before micheal jackson died she said what if janet jackson died then she said what if micheal jackson died then the next day he died


Mike Bongiorno.. u left him off..


Harper Lee was the author of To Kill a Mockingbird


What about Paul Harvey?


Soupy Sales just died. I remember him from when I was a kid - many moons ago. Sad


Erik Gates from MythBusters died Sunday if you wanna count him.