Brooke Mueller 911 Call Confirms Knife Attack

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Like the quality of Two and a Half Men, Charlie Sheen finds himself in a bad situation.

Earlier today, Colorado police released the 911 call the actor's wife, Brooke Mueller, made from the couple's home on Christmas Eve. Sheen was arrested that evening on charges of second-degree assault.

On the phone, Mueller says her husband "has a knife" and is "packing to leave," supposedly because authorities are on the way. Stating she's in a secure room, away from Sheen, Mueller also says she is "scared for [her] life" and she was "threatened" by the weapon.

Approximately halfway through the conversation, the operator asks Brooke to identify herself and her attacker. She breaks down in tears when uttering the name "Charlie Sheen."

Late last week, Mueller recanted the accusations against her husband. Her blood alcohol level at the scene registered .13, far over the legal limit in Colorado.

Still, as everyone that's ever drunk dialed can attest to, one can be wasted and still be telling the truth. The 911 call - which you can listen to below - appears to be damning evidence against Sheen.

Sources state Sheen grew enraged when Mueller demanded a divorce, while other insiders say she moved out in November and the actor flew in to Aspen just to spend the holidays with his sons, Max and Bob.

We'll continue to update this story as news breaks.

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I hope all the women out there learn something from Brooke.. away from Charlie I thought all women learn from Denise's. Alcohol/drugs and violence in a relationship never work!


Wow..didn't he have the same type problems when he was with Denise Richards? Smart Woman to have gotten her children and herself away from him. He obviously has anger management problems and needs to handle that. Violence towards anyone man or Woman is not acceptable EVER!!


Here are two people who have a lot to be grateful for. Two beautiful children, each other, a nice home, etc. Yet it's right in front of them and they just don't see it. Why are people so selfish? Plus to let a demon like alcohol ruin your life. Really sad.

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