Brittany Murphy's Home Contained Many Prescription Drugs; Star's Final Hours Detailed

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Authorities do not suspect any foul play, but  Brittany Murphywas taking prescription medication and very ill in the hours before she died of a heart attack Sunday.

The actress was taking prescriptions for flu-like symptoms she had been experiencing for several days. Murphy began vomiting early yesterday and became sick.

Rest in Peace Brittany

In the home, various prescriptions were found written for Brittany Murphy, her husband Simon Monjack, and Brittany's mother. The amount of drugs? Not small.

A source said, "There were a lot ... a lot of prescriptions in the house."

Law enforcement sources say Brittany Murphy collapsed in the bathroom and ended up in the shower, having vomited significantly in the immediate vicinity.

Authorities did not find illegal drugs in the house, but Murphy was definitely taking various prescription medications. Did that contribute to her tragic death?

R.I.P. Brittany Murphy (1977-2009).

Sources say her condition and the medication could have triggered Murphy's fatal heart attack, but it's too early to know. The LAPD is currently investigating.

Simon Monjack, who married Brittany in 2007, does not want an autopsy performed, but it's not his decision. The L.A. County Coroner's office will conduct one.

Murphy's body should be autopsied today or tomorrow, but the results of the full battery of toxicology tests they're sure to do may not be available for weeks.

Brittany's mother told paramedics her daughter suffered from diabetes, but sources involved in the case doubt the star's diabetes (type 2) led to her death.

More details to follow as the story develops ...


By the time an actress is 30 , her career is pretty much over in Hollywood. Typically, the solution to squeeze out a couple more years of work, is plastic surgery, go blonde and get very thin. Easiest and most popular way to get very thin? Cocaine. She was just a victim of the Hollywood machine.


Why are you ragging on Angela? Maybe she knows what she is talking about and this would make me feel better, than to find out she died of a drug overdose. She was one of my favorite actresses


" Valerie Says:
December 21st, 2009 11:57 AM The Russian news portal said the source informed it that Murphy partied in Moscow, Russia in a private home of one Russian multi-billionaire 1.5 days before she died. Is that true??? "
I'll ask Harvey and get back to you .
As for AngeLsLuv , you're a fool ! LOL


The Russian news portal said the source informed it that Murphy partied in Moscow, Russia in a private home of one Russian multi-billionaire 1.5 days before she died. Is that true???


Lisa she might have had a eating disorder which would contribute however being a diabetic and not eating and possible dehydration with medication agree with Angel she most likely went into diabetic shock. Britney was a beautiful person and a gifted actress. My prayers are with her family.


It seems nobody is stating the obvious that she had an eating disorder, she was abnormally thin


thats sad poor thing


Wow, you've got a medical dictionary. Impressive. Now you just need some common sense.


Reports say that her mother said she was a dibetic.. If she was ill, her blood sugar could have been very high, and she could have gone into Ketoacidosis.. With Ketones and being ill that can explain the vomitting... Also if not ketones, her blood sugar could have dropped and she could have gone into insulin shock... Being so thin and the possibility of anorexia as some suggest, this is logical, since taking medications for diabetes, you need to take care of your blood sugars and eat properly, it could have occured.. Both insulin shock and ketoacidosis can lead to a heart attack (even diabetics who work at being healthy can go into ketones and shocks accidently).. It is very tragic that this occured.. If she had to die, it's better that she might have died because of either of these conditions than of a drug overdose, so the public can stop assuming that just because she was a celebrity, that all celebritys die of drug overdoses..


so tragic ... when will stars learn they shouldn't mix medications? you can become an addict through legal meds too. how many more times must this happen.


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