Brandi Glanville Admits Eddie Cibrian Tire-Slashing

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What do LeAnn Rimes, Scheana Marie and Carrie Underwood have in common?

It was Eddie Cibrian's alleged (or confirmed) dalliances with the first two and a certain song by the latter that send scorned wife Brandi Glanville over the edge.

Cibrian, who stars on CSI: Miami, filed a court declaration in a custody battle with his soon-to-be ex-wife, stating she slashed the tires of his Harley Davidson.

And she very much did!

"Yes, I slashed his tires," Brandi Glanville tells E! News. "It felt awesome!"

Brandi Glanville on The Real Housewives

Eddie Cibrian's cheating with LeAnn Rimes, who he is now dating, ultimately ended his marriage to Brandi Glanville. He was also fooling around with Scheana Marie.

The domestic dispute occurred August 1, weeks after the couple had separated, but while Cibrian was still living in the family’s guest house, Glanville recalls.

"He broke my heart, so I broke his Harleys," Glanville says. "It was right after I found out about girl No. 2, and I had that Carrie Underwood song in my head."

"I just went for it!"

Glanville is referring to waitress Scheana Marie, whom Cibrian reportedly hooked up with earlier this year, and Carrie's tire-slashing anthem "Before He Cheats."

In court documents, Cibrian says Glanville "verbally and physically attacked" him and "in a fit of rage, slashed the tires of my Harley-Davidson motorcycles."

Hey, at least he wasn't riding one of them at the time, like when Elin Woods attacked Tiger, resulting in his ill-fated, now-infamous Cadillac Escalade getaway.


At least Brandi admits and tells the truth-something Eddie doesn't know how to do! LYING CHEATING Eddie.


Since Eddie is a NO-GOOD DEADBEAT dad, he must be desperate to make such a big deal and complain over such nonsense!! STUPID JERK!


Eddie RIDES WOMEN, as well as motorcycles!!


What a crybaby Eddie-like what he did-CHEAT with womEn-is nothing! What DOUCHEBAG Eddie did and will keep on doing-CHEAT-is SHAMEFUL and NOT repairable-the way he HURT Brandi and his kids! Eddie can go buy new tires-LOSER Eddie!!


If reports of this type of action by the ex continues, the only place Brandi's exclusive rights to her kids is going to go right down the tubes. Don't believe the courts approve of this type action. Slashing anything can get dangerous to those around you.


GO Brandi!Eddie deserved that and more! Eddie is a LYING CHEATING HOMEWRECKING WHORE ADULTERER DOUCHEBAG!!-just like LeAnn!! Eddie is a DEADBEAT DAD!! Eddie and LeAnn are SCUM! Brandi-you go girl!!


Why should anybody respond to posts that are so one-sided? You obviously didn't know the whole story when you were so critical of LeAnn and Eddie. Obviously, we don't know the whole story now because they don't see fit to tell everything they know like the ex did. Every one of you do-gooders were willing to jump on LeAnn because the ex accused her of stalking. Now, that this violent action comes out about the ex, it is perfectly alright. One of the actions was violent and the other was a story not proven by anybody. You want to bet this action doesn't have some consequence when deciding on custody rights? Or whether or not these kids are allowed to associate with LeAnn? No violence has been proven concerning LeAnn.


Good for Brandi. Eddie's douchebag behavior with LeAnn begged for a nuclear response. If the a$$hole wanted to leave his wife, he should have LEFT HER FIRST before screwing with LeAnn. Staying at home and pretending to be the good husband while whoring around with homewrecker LeAnn just proves what a douchebag the guy is.


This is old news that was probably dug up because of this whole tiger situation. I say good for her and he is lucky thats all she did. After 13 years together he should count himself lucky!! I would have done a lot worse.


Does Eddie have no protection from violence because he didn't want to be married to this woman anymore. How do we know she wasn't capable of violence at other times? Why is this LeAnn and Eddie story publicized so much? Does this ex need to feel that the whole world is on her side? It happens to all of us, get over it. People feel free to attack LeAnn saying she is ugly, etc., and maybe this makes the ex feel good, but it isn't true and won't help the situation. Am I being told that his parents call LeAnn a homewrecker? Do you suppose that the ex had something to do with wrecking her own home? Hurts, doesn't it, when you don't have someone there to support you doesn't it?

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