Brad Pitt vs. Angelina Jolie: The Bitter Showdown!

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Looks like Elin Woods' meltdown and subsequent roughing up of a cheating Tiger wasn't the only high-profile domestic rumble over Thanksgiving weekend.

Okay, it probably was. But a pair of celeb gossip tabloids are apparently trying to convince us that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are on the verge of collapse.

Unconvinced they've gotten the fake word out about Brangelina fighting, this week's theme is that they're REALLY fighting! Worse than you EVEN KNOW!

Last week, In Touch said Brad will reunite with Jennifer Aniston soon. At least that's consistent with this week's Brangelina "bitter holiday showdown" cover.

Apparently, Angelina insulted Brad’s parents so hard that he’s tempted to leave her. Whatever Angie said, rest assured ... it's worse than anyone knows.

Much Worse

A WAR TO END ALL WARS: No, seriously. Brangelina is fighting.

Rival Star, meanwhile, tells a similar tale of a Brangelina Thanksgiving gone haywire, resulting in more than an argument - try a fight that got the cops called!

Which we would've heard about, and didn't, but hey.

In non-Brangelina news, Britney Spears is apparently pregnant again (she wishes!!!) and Tiger Woods and his wife Elin got into some kind of argument.

Well, at least that last part's true.


There's these recent pics of them on an apparent date in europe that these mags are now regurgitating as pics of them on a date in America. You never know what these entertainment trash will throw at us.


Tabloid magazines have had these two breaking up from day one. Anyone who reads and believes this nonsense needs their head checked. Isn't it amazing that you really never ever see a magazine cover celebrating the long lasting Hollywood/celebrity marriages etc. That is why this country is so messed up with morals and values. People's attitudes about relationships has gone south and these magazines just keep pushing that issue. Look at so many of these celebs, it's all about how beautiful they are and who they are dating and breaking up with. It's sad.


These mags are trash and they aren't required to print facts for some reason they have no credibility and im pretty sure if people buy them its just for the pictures!

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