Brad Pitt vs. Angelina Jolie: The Bitter Showdown!

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Looks like Elin Woods' meltdown and subsequent roughing up of a cheating Tiger wasn't the only high-profile domestic rumble over Thanksgiving weekend.

Okay, it probably was. But a pair of celeb gossip tabloids are apparently trying to convince us that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are on the verge of collapse.

Unconvinced they've gotten the fake word out about Brangelina fighting, this week's theme is that they're REALLY fighting! Worse than you EVEN KNOW!

Last week, In Touch said Brad will reunite with Jennifer Aniston soon. At least that's consistent with this week's Brangelina "bitter holiday showdown" cover.

Apparently, Angelina insulted Brad’s parents so hard that he’s tempted to leave her. Whatever Angie said, rest assured ... it's worse than anyone knows.

Much Worse

A WAR TO END ALL WARS: No, seriously. Brangelina is fighting.

Rival Star, meanwhile, tells a similar tale of a Brangelina Thanksgiving gone haywire, resulting in more than an argument - try a fight that got the cops called!

Which we would've heard about, and didn't, but hey.

In non-Brangelina news, Britney Spears is apparently pregnant again (she wishes!!!) and Tiger Woods and his wife Elin got into some kind of argument.

Well, at least that last part's true.


Everyone is saying that these two can't get along. First the Ian Halperin and his Brangelina bio, now all the usual tabloids. I wonder why this story is always in the news?


ha??? ngano man???? unsa diay naa?? pagxur mong duha oi... gara sad mo dahh,, akoa nlng ka angie bhee,, pra walay lalis,,, hehehehhe,, tik lng ui,, wafo ra ko 4 u,, wahahahahaq,,, luv u guys>>>>> godblesss you,,!!!!


love brad and angelina,shes not only a beautiful person but also a very talented actress unlike jenn,brad chose ange to be the mother of his beautiful children not jenn now what does that tell u haters,the more these magazines spreading lies about them the more in love they are and they will show the world that they love each other so good luck to them not that they need it and i agreed with arden about cant wait to see angelinas new movie.stay in love brad and angelina just keep ignoring the haters


brad and angelina are totally in love and always will be so all u haters,get a life,if wishing them to breakup just to suit u then be it but all u haters know and i know and the world knows that these two r soul-mates even brad said so himself,im glad he dumped jenn foe angelina jenn will never come close to angelina and i sure hope they will last a lifetime togethercant wait for angelinas salt film to come out shes the bomb stay strong brad and ange


you know what would be cool? that they'd kill each other!! that would be cool!
Oh my, they're so done...


They won't last another six months. Anyone wanna take that bet?


They are done. I wouldnt stay w/someone who is on drugs or insults his sweet midwestern parents. she should feel blessed to have grandparents for her kids! but doesnt seem to appreciate that it seems like. i dont think brad & her are compatible, & for the kids' sake they should split. i wish them both the best. angie needs a goth dude & brad needs a down home girl.


If the cops went into gated community who says the cop weren't visiting a neighbors house. A few months ago an ambulance was called to the community the paps asked a security guard if Brad was OK he said yes. Later TMZ or Radar reported an elderly man who was visiting a neighbor took ill. X17 can't get access inside the gates they assume any activity inside the gates involve the JP's. Did the cops say yes there was an incident at Brad Pitt's house and everything is fine no. Also X17 claim they didn't even know if anyone was at Brad's home. Don't you think X17 would have reported on this fight and the police on their site? Go to X17. Never mind continue to believe the tabloids Brad and Angie have broken up 20 times this year She has benn pregnant 5 times . she has adopted 8 kids this year. Oh and he has met up w/ his ex 10 times


If the cops were at their house Tmz would have the details since they pay off the cops. As for IT according to them they have broken up 18 times this year. I just saw all the back issues at my cousins' house over the weekend


The cops were at their house. We saw pictures of it, before the
fire trucks went to their neighbors house. It was all hush, hush
and the police didn't say why they were there. They look like they
are having troubles with something. I have never seen people go
down hill like that pair. She is so thin and veins pop out every
where and he has aged and looks like a hobo.

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