Brad Ferro Sorry For Punching Out Snooki

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Gym teacher Brad Ferro punched Snooki (Nicole Pilozzi) in the face in what has become the most infamous scene from Jersey Shore, even though it hasn't aired yet (it was supposed to tonight) and MTV decided to edit out the brutal KO.

Now he wants her to know he's sorry.

"I am sick to my stomach," Brad Ferro tells the New York Post. "I can''t believe I'd ever do anything like that. I was raised to act in a respectful manner to women."

"I deeply regret what happened," he says of punching Snooki, which you can still see online if you must. "Nobody deserves that. That was not the real Brad Ferro."

Snooki Polizzi

Ferro was arrested back on August 19 after knocking Nicole Polizzi the f*%k out at the Beachcomber Bar & Grill in Seaside Heights, N.J., and was suspended from his job.

He also enrolled in anger management courses. That's a good thing.

Brad, who admits he "drank way too much" that night, says that just days before, he taught his students about bad decisions and the dangers of alcohol abuse.

"I remember very little from the incident," Ferro says. "It's all fuzzy. I remember a punch ... I don't remember who or why, but I do remember being arrested."

Ferro's lawyer Andrew Siben says his client has learned his lesson and "should be given a second chance to show he is a person of much higher character."

Jersey Shore airs tonight, sans Snooki punch, on MTV at 10 p.m.

Brad Ferro Mug Shots

Brad Ferro punched Snooki's lights out this summer.

The worst part: the attack was all over a drink. Ferro tried to take Snooki's cocktail and when she yelled at him for it, he retaliated ... with a fist. Loser.


She had it coming!


How was that for reality snookie??? You play you pay! The guy shouldnt of lost his job...


You say woman have changed and they don't have respect and blah blah blah but it's sickening the the WORLD has changed, including boys (from what I read, using the term "man" would be incredibly inappropraite), where a boy thinks it's funny to "knock out" a woman. Men are just as responsible for their actions as women and if you honestly think having a big mouth is worse than being punched by a man and being physically and emotionally scarred for a long time then you need to reasses the type of person you are. I hope, at the end of my life, people can look back at the great things I have done but for others, people will look back and think "wait, who was that? must have been a no one".


How was that for reality snookie??? You play you pay!


I hope some one punches your mom or sister like that. That would be so funny right? That guy is a ugly looser and so is anyone who backs him.


That guy was so drunk, I highly doubt he would remember anything that happened. After he hit her he just went back to the shots like nothing happened, until people started charging him. I could tell right away he was way to drunk, my brother looks like that when he drinks too much. Either way, women should not be hit by men, unless it is in self defence. If a woman is beating the shit out of a guy, he has right to defend himself. This was uncalled for and unnecessary though.
This show is only good for the drama, and this was a big one!


Yo everybody. thanks for stickin up for ma girl snickers, that guy was lucky i never got a hold of him.... anybody hittin girls needs to have there teeth knocked the fuck out, am i right?
thanks again, big up to shore!


who gives a fuck about either of them Ferro is and Asshole for punching a girl no dobut about it, but Snooki is a moron, as is the rest of the cast of the Jersey Shore. but the show is entertaining to watch mainly because of that.


this is classic. Brad ferro is my hero. he did what all men have thought about and even wanted but didn't have the balls to do. everybody on here talking shit about what they would do or what they want to do to this guy, shut up. he belongs on a dollar bill.


the first time i saw a gotti-type was in seaside heights. i think they should all be taken out. this show is great because this shit would happen in seaside... its actual reality-tv , who'da thought mtv would actually portray something real.
anyway brad ferro way, you "f"ed up for real

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