Brad Ferro Sorry For Punching Out Snooki

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Gym teacher Brad Ferro punched Snooki (Nicole Pilozzi) in the face in what has become the most infamous scene from Jersey Shore, even though it hasn't aired yet (it was supposed to tonight) and MTV decided to edit out the brutal KO.

Now he wants her to know he's sorry.

"I am sick to my stomach," Brad Ferro tells the New York Post. "I can''t believe I'd ever do anything like that. I was raised to act in a respectful manner to women."

"I deeply regret what happened," he says of punching Snooki, which you can still see online if you must. "Nobody deserves that. That was not the real Brad Ferro."

Snooki Polizzi

Ferro was arrested back on August 19 after knocking Nicole Polizzi the f*%k out at the Beachcomber Bar & Grill in Seaside Heights, N.J., and was suspended from his job.

He also enrolled in anger management courses. That's a good thing.

Brad, who admits he "drank way too much" that night, says that just days before, he taught his students about bad decisions and the dangers of alcohol abuse.

"I remember very little from the incident," Ferro says. "It's all fuzzy. I remember a punch ... I don't remember who or why, but I do remember being arrested."

Ferro's lawyer Andrew Siben says his client has learned his lesson and "should be given a second chance to show he is a person of much higher character."

Jersey Shore airs tonight, sans Snooki punch, on MTV at 10 p.m.

Brad Ferro Mug Shots

Brad Ferro punched Snooki's lights out this summer.

The worst part: the attack was all over a drink. Ferro tried to take Snooki's cocktail and when she yelled at him for it, he retaliated ... with a fist. Loser.


This guy shoudl be a national hero. Fuck all this bs about a guy shouldn't hit girls, these are sel indulgent narcistic skanks not ladies...


suitror's a dick wad & so is anyone who agrees with. also i totally with Brandon's comment LMFAO


I'd punch that bytch for being retarded.
Reality shows suck


Anybody who is defending this idiot, should get fun the fuck over!
Snooki didnt even touch this guy! He was yelling ignorant things and trying to take her drinks! Then he punched her the fuuuck out!
I really hope he gets run over by a fucking car!


Brad Ferro will be remembered as the bigest fag in the world
He deserves this. And i hope 1) he gets shot in the face cuz seriously watching the real whole footage really grossed me out, his face is worse then snooki's and BTW did u all even SEE THE VIDEO? OMG the language coming out of his mouth, he knew damn well what he was doing. Some of u are makign the excuse "well equal rights" OH SHUT UP WITH THAT! I agree snooki didnt even lay a hand on him! Secondly IT DAMN RIGHT WAS EQUAL he was swearing at everything around his being disrepsectful and running his mouth more then Snooki. I hope he sees this and commits suicide. He soo gross looking. Im not even a fan of jershy shore, im just being honest.


OH PLEASE SHUT UP, it wasnt like she punched him or anything!
HE WAS HARASSING HER coming near her trying to be on camera, HE KNOWS he wasnt suppose to drink anymore yet that lil annoying theft stole her drinks ANYONE would tell him to F OFF!
HE IS FULL OF EXCUSES and he is dangerous! temper temper and no patience, and has alcohol problems. THIS CRIMINAL BELONGS IN JAIL!
No matter what a big MALE has no right to hit a lil women!
Next time he should fight with his mouth, unless he is THAT BRAINLESS. PlEASEE "ppl need ot see the real me" the real you is a crinminal! We all see through you! Jerk fag prick! He reminds me of the white guy who rents in my basement who also beats up his girlfriend.....


defending the women who are completely disrespectful, primarily because they get away with it with no consequences, is asinine. If you give respect you get it, just that simple. People will shoot you over talking all that dumb shit.


Besides, she looks more like a Mexican than a greasy Italian.


Snookie calling anybody "ugly" is definitely the same as calling the kettle "black".


Oh Jesus. I don't care if you've got a dick or a vag; if you aggravate and provoke someone, you better be prepared to accept the very justifiable consequences, even if it means getting LAID THE FUCK OUT. Enough of this sexist "women are fragile and helpess" bullshit. It's the 21st Century; you wanted equality, you got it. And to all these "chivalrous" asshats who claim they will box your head off if you touch a woman; get your heads out of your asses. Women don't give a shit if you stand up for them. The rewards of being a decent, standout, kind man is your own sense of self-satisfaction. The girl you just saved will be too busy sucking the dick of some outlaw biker scumbag to thank you.

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