Are The Jonas Brothers Breaking Up?

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Please say this isn't so.

Our post-Christmas doldrums were already made worse by the news that Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner were no longer a couple. We can't handle another major break-up.

But that's exactly what an anonymous source is reporting about the most popular boy band on the planet, as rumors of a Jonas Brothers split are heating up.

"Joe sees the writing on the wall for the group," a family insider told Pop Eater. "Kevin's heart is just not in the group anymore. His wife Danielle is his number one priority, especially after their wedding night!"

Whoa. TMI, random source!

Might The Jonas Brothers be waving goodbye to their fans... forever?!?

While Kevin is reportedly too busy banging his brains out to make new music, Nick Jonas has the entirely opposite problem. Says the source:

"Nick sees himself as the next Justin Timberlake and brother Joe knows it."

There actually is some validity to that statement, as Nick's new band is going on tour in early 2010. But the next JT? Let's not get ahead of ourselves!

What do you think, readers? Could Kevin really follow in the sexy(back) foosteps of Justin Timberlake? Is Kevin really trading music for sex? Could Franke "Bonus Jonas" Jonas join the group? Sound off right now!


why do you need to break apart i mean your please atleast listen to this request please do not break up


OMG.....OMG....dats d last thing i wanna hear on this rather die than c em split....plz...........4 ur fans sake..........dont split.....urs is d only music.....that isnt all grly die if uh brothers split is a humble request.......


i am not a big fan of the jones broes but i think they shouldent breack up but i love taylor swift she totaly rox


Man, no way could these guys become as sucessfull as the Beatles, i live in Canada, and i have no idea what you Americans are thinking labeling three random guys that look beter then they sing, as the upcoming Beatles. The Beatles had imagination, and didnt fear singing about things that people had never sung about before. And here we have a average pop boy band who has been labeled as the next Beatles, when each song is about some random heartbreak. Come on America, who cares if they break up, there is no talent involved whatsoever, if there was, guys would like them too, but guys dont and girls only like them ,sub-conciously for their looks.


NO you guys can't break up I'm a big fan and it gust wouldn't be the same with out you in hollywood


i think the jonas should break up it will be sad for the 1st day and so.... beacuse KEVIN has his wife and welll NICK is going solo. but i like the jonas brother!!!! and it is true that thay have less time for the band and that why they haven't got a new song out!!!! but i love thenjonas brother anyways
lolllieee:) out!


It seems at this time, the Jonas Brothers are NOT splitting up. They are planning their 2010 summer tour and writing songs for their next album. I am a huge fan of the boys but it pains me to say that I think they may only last up to mid 2011. It has been a great ride and I will respect their decision to go their separate ways when the time comes. Disney has most likely drained them of all they have and now they want out. I will always love them and their music. They are great men who deserve a lot of recognition for their success. Peace, Love, JONAS Sara :)


hey guys you rock. if anyone critizes you they need to get a life. no one is good enough for you not even me. i think you are awesome and cool.oh and i am glad you nick left miley the loser
love always your biggest fan falisha from trinidad
and tobago.


ok, this is stupid,
kevin baisicly can't be bothered with the band. He can concentrate on the band and his 'wife', How lame, Really!! I like the jobros i'm not a crazed fan but some of their music is cool, and c'mon i was reading 'sugar' mag today and theres an interview with nick, it says joe thinks that their next tour will be their goodbye tour, but nick was like i'm sure there is going to be more tours to come. Just because nicks doing some solo work atm doesn't mean the band is breaking up, But i think KEVIN is being the STUPID one tbh!!


I can't believe it. I remember when every girl likes the Jonas Brothers. I no longer like them because of what is happening. I bought all their Cds, learned their music by heart and bought their``BURNIN, UP`` book. When they came to give a concert in Montreal, I learned their music in hopes that I could sing with them one day. i spent so much money and this what happenes.

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