Amy Adams: Pregnant!

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Amy Adams is pregnant! The father? Her fiancé Darren Le Gallo!

It will be the first child together for the couple, who met in acting class in 2001 have been together ever since. The new baby will be the first of ...

Her Madgesty

"I probably won't have a big family," Adams said last year of having children. "I can barely manage my own life! But I do want to have a family."

The 35-year-old redhead, who won praise for this year's Julie & Julia, will next be seen in the romantic comedy, Leap Year, in theaters on January 8.

Amy Adams and Darren Le Gallo got engaged in July of last year. We aren't clear if a wedding date has been set by the two lovebirds. Congrats!

Amy Adams and Darren Le Gallo are expecting!


Just because they are not married and do not have Jesus, doesn't mean that things can't change. Many people acquire a family in that way, but when Christ enters the home, he makes greatness out of great mess and changes you to something beautiful. I ask, how many of us posting here will be praying for this family? If you will not, then don't even bother posting. Jesus died for all three of them and that gives them worth, no matter where their lives are right now. Our duty as Christians is to be helpful and supportive of people who need Jesus, to pray for them and stop being judgmental. Remember, we all came from muck...


Amy Adams is mature, competent, successful, extremely gorgeous and a very talented actress. All you hypocritical bible thumping brain dead morons can just shove your bible up your ass right next to your head. Amy will have a beautiful baby and take very good love and care. We with the capacity to appreciate your beauty and talent love you very much Amy and wish you all the best!


Who are you unhappy, judgemental people? They've been together 9 years! Good for them. They are probably alot more stable than you religious hypocrites.


no, because they don't have Jesus!


Because they know they'll be getting divorced eventually...might as well make it easier and just never get married...but still be selfish and have children...not careing that they come into this world with a broken home/family. Very sad...


Why don't these Hollywood people get married and THEN have a kid? So stupid!

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