Alyssa Milano Gets the Jersey Shore Makeover

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Alyssa Milano hates Jersey Shore and the stereotypes it creates.

An Italian-American raised on Staten Island (where several of the cast, including The Situation, are from or live), loathes the MTV show and all it stands for.

She's made that quite clear in this funny video.

Milano allowed herself to get the Jersey Shore treatment for a Funny or Die spoof, which makes her point many times over without a word spoken.

Like Jersey Shore quotes, the things some of these trash bags do to look "good" pretty much speak for themselves. We prefer the real Alyssa ...


Oh, get the fuck over it. What about shows like Flavor of Love, Shot at Love with Tila Tequila, The Girls Next Door, or how about The Hills and The City? Are those shows stereotyping black people, Asians, and white people? People are taking this WAY too far. If you don't like it, turn the goddamn TV off! Stereotypes are always going to exist. Who gives a shit?! Everyone -- Asians, blacks, whites, Middle Eastern people, Jews, EVERYONE, has been stereotyped before. What makes Italians any different from experiencing stereotypes?


I love Alyssam and. shes amazing!

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