Alexa Ray Joel: Feeling Better

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Alexa Ray Joel is bouncing back beautifully after her brief hospital stay this weekend, thanks to the help of her parents Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley.

The 23-year-old called 911 Saturday after an apparent drug overdose in which she took eight Traumeel pills, a medication, and had trouble breathing.

"She has the most attentive parents," says a family friend of Alexa Ray.

"She is very close to Billy, and Alexa and her mom are really best friends."

"They're focused on making sure she is going to be alright."

Alexa Ray Joel was said to be distraught over a boyfriend.

"[Christie Brinkley] rushed to her daughter's side," says a friend. "She was worried sick, showered her with affection and told she would support her always."

Since the incident, triggered by her rocky relationship with ex-boyfriend Jimmy Riot, Christine and Billy have made sure their only child knows people care.

"Alexa is the sweetest girl. She is one of the dearest souls on Earth," says the friend. "She's an artist and like all artists, she's always very passionate."

"Growing up is hard enough, but under a microscope it's unbelievably difficult ... she will recover from this and be horrified it became such a spectacle."


I feel Alexa's pain. Being in love can be beautiful but painful too. I would never say to go that far though and I hope she sees that's not the way to get over the pain. Prayer and time helped me I hope it helps her. She's beautiful, I hope she feels better soon.


This is no way to get a man to come back to you....either you are dead or he thinks you are psycho....She is pretty, but apparently her self esteem is not up to par....She has surrounded herself with the wrong people....for some reason this makes me want to punch Pigez in his fat gut!!


I think she is such a pretty girl. I don't know why people give her a hard time over her looks - NOBODY looks like Christie Brinkley.


This is such a beautiful young woman. How could she be so dumb as to almost kill herself over a boyfriend? Listen to me, honey: boyfriends are a dime a dozen. When you find that special one, he'll make you happy, not make you feel like killing yourself! Think, chill, and learn. God bless.


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