Alec Baldwin Planning Retirement From Acting

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We've still got a couple of years left, but get ready to say farewell to Alec Baldwin in movies and TV shows, according to the master thespian himself.

The Emmy-winning star whose 30 Rock quotes are as funny as it gets says he plans to quit acting when his contract for the NBC show ends in 2012.

Says Baldwin in the new issue of Men's Journal: "I don't have any interest in acting anymore. I'm not young, but I have time to do something else."

While the actor has won the best reviews of his life playing Republican, bottom-line-obsessed Jack Donaghy, he harshly dismisses all of his movies.

"I consider my entire movie career a complete failure," declares the star of The Hunt for Red October and Glengarry Glen Ross. Why such criticism?

"The goal of moviemaking is to star in a film where your performance drives the film, and the film is either a soaring critical or commercial success."

"I've never had that."

Alec Baldwin makes Thursdays on TV that much funnier.

Baldwin still regrets the leaked voicemail in which he called his daughter a "rude, thoughtless little pig," saying, "I feel the consequences every day."

Alec's custody fight over Ireland with ex-wife Kim Basinger, who gave his voicemail the Michael Lohan treatment, has affected his love life, too,

He says his baggage led to the recent dissolution of a seven-year relationship he had with another woman. Yet he claims that he doesn't mind.

"I'd rather be lonely than wrong," he says.


Mr. Alec Baldwin is a fine actor and a great political activist; a great man on so many levels. It will be the world's great loss not to be able to see him act in the future,either on the big screen or T.V.,or even doing commercials. In a way it is sad that the exquisite and elegant Alec Baldwin does not realize that he is a superb actor, and that he is a true gift to the entertainment world, a treasured gift to acting. What ever he may do in the future,he will do an outstanding job. He is simply the best.


Sorry, no offence to pigs who are actually really nice creatures.


"Baldwin still regrets the leaked voicemail in which he called his daughter a "rude, thoughtless little pig," Following his bigoted "tranny" comment, are we absolutely sure that he wasn't talking about himself?


I never thought actors retired. I thought they were always needed in roles - surely it's a vocation not a job. Come on Alex keep going it's never to late to get that role that will make your career!


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