Adam Lambert Will ABC You on The View!

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They may not have kissed, but Adam Lambert and ABC have made up.

Following the singer's sexually-charged rendition of "For Your Entertainment" at the American Music Awards, the network canceled his scheduled Jimmy Kimmel Live and his performance on Good Morning America.

THG readers have threatened to boycott ABC in response, and it looks like the network has heard your complaints.

It's booked Lambert for an appearance on The View this Thursday, where he'll likely tussle with conservative panelist Elisabeth Hasselbeck. The interview will air the day after Barbara Walters' Most Fascinating People, which includes the singer.

Thank goodness the parties have ended their feud. We really didn't wanna stop watching FlashForward.

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Adam is an amazing performer. It was only a matter of time before they would agree to have Adam on again. He has too many fans.


OKAY ABC!! That's the first step in the right direction .... NOW STEP #2 .... RESCHEDULE ADAM for ROCKIN" NEW YEARS EVE .... the RATINGS will go through the ROOF!!! Cmon ABC ... DO IT!!!!


I think Adam Lambert should have his own New Years Eve special. He should be the host of his own show. I am tired of the other shows. We need to see someone new, fresh, and talented. Adam would be an excellent host, and entertainer of a new, New Years Eve bash. The ratings would be unbelievable. He would make the show so much fun. His show would be fun, edgy, classy and a little naughty all at the same time. CBS make it happen.


His own New Years Eve Show, what a great idea! I am all for that! it would be soo good!


I still want to see Adam perform on Dick Clark's NYE. I quess I will miss Dick this year since I will be watching Adam perform on another show. I think CBS should give Adam his own New Year's Eve show. He would be the perfect host. It would be spectacular. Adam would put on the best New Years Eve show ever! Start a new tradition CBS! It's time for someone new, fresh, and exciting!


I'm happy that ABC and Adam are mending their relationship. It's a win-win for them both. Now let's get Adam rescheduled for those performances where he was axed. He is an amazing performer and does great interviews. His cd is also fantastic!


I love Adam, He is a great singer. He is very entertaining. I do not care whether he is gay or not Ilove him. I will watch anything that he is performing in.
ABC should wake up, we aren't in the dark ages. It is OK to be gay.
I am a straight woman, I have a lot of gay friends. They always treat me nice. I would love to be one of Adam's close friends. I could look at him all day.............


for-real,....who is the dumbass??? sounds like its you


What a "waste." I, thought that Lambert had the potential to provide the public excellent find that his "gay lifestyle" is more important than his career. Bye Bye Lambert...there are many...that are more than happy to present a "voice" that can be enjoyed and not be so "hung-up on the gay antics." Grow up and get a life.


I will watch whatever Adam is on. Whenever. On the TV, on the internet, on tour, on an infomercial, even. I love his voice and his moves, the way he relates to an audience, everything! I'm a straight woman and I know he is not hetero and will never be, but my goodness, sensual and sexual is not specific to men or women, straight or gay. It translates! I have emailed every network television station to say I will watch their program if Adam is on it! I can't wait for his tour where he will be allowed to put on his show.