Adam Lambert on The View: What's the Big Deal?

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Because ABC is so afraid of Adam Lambert, the network pre-taped his appearance on The View last week.

The singer jokingly referred to this fact when he sat down with Barbara Walters and company, warning viewers to shield their children from the TV sets.

When asked by the host if he's hurt by ABC's constant cancellations and censorship, Lambert replied:

"I'm surprised. I'm like, 'Really. Is it that big of a deal?'"

We couldn't agree more. If Elisabeth Hasselbeck can handle sitting next to this supposedly toxic influence, we're pretty sure everyone else can take a deep breath and relax. Check out his View interview below:

Lambert also appeared at Z100's Jingle Ball in NYC on Friday night. Click on the photos of him backstage at the event for larger images:

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@bigdeal. If you were really a fan you would be aware that the finger was for OUT magazine. Forgive and move on you bitter ole hen.


Adam, you are an amazingly talented singer. Love your FYE cd.
*Mother of 4 sons. *Husband thinks you're a major talent too.


Adam's voice is a master piece!! I don't care if it takes a year for his album to go platnium because the more people listen the more people will get how good it really is. It is being released interanationally now as well. Adam's album has had very good reviews from the experts!!


Yeah, Adam, it is a big deal.
Your American Idol fans were expecting, with great anticipation, to hear beautiful from you on AMA and you gave us the finger.


Adam isn't falling off the charts so don't go getting excited to see him fail. Adam's album is according the Billboard the 2nd biggest selling debut album of the year!! Adam doesn't need to sit a #1 to have a ton of recognition for his wonderful voice and the album is fantastic so it will stay on the top 100 for a very long time.


blah blah blah....sales speak for themselves...this ablum sucks...look at him falling off the charts, too....said it over & over, his voice is not meant for radio pop...80's hairband revival, maybe...not now music...


Adam was the "conversation master" during this interview. As always, he was logic, smart, articulate, gorgeous. A true pleasurable presence. He was right! What's the big deal ?


Adam is on target with the violence statement. One of THOSE networks so who are so carefully watching out for our children aired -with NO warning a VIOLENT stabbing scene in the 7-8 pm time slot... which had me lunging to screen the tv from MY child. I don't get how that is acceptable-


I agree with Adam Lambert. Prime time TV is saturated with sometimes disturbing violence, and we're worried about stuff that's a little bit raunchy at a time when the kiddies should be in be? I can't speak for anyone else, but I wasn't offended in the least. I will be tuning in to whatever channel puts Adam on, dude's got mad talent.


Adam is so beautiful in every him


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