Adam Lambert on The View: What's the Big Deal?

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Because ABC is so afraid of Adam Lambert, the network pre-taped his appearance on The View last week.

The singer jokingly referred to this fact when he sat down with Barbara Walters and company, warning viewers to shield their children from the TV sets.

When asked by the host if he's hurt by ABC's constant cancellations and censorship, Lambert replied:

"I'm surprised. I'm like, 'Really. Is it that big of a deal?'"

We couldn't agree more. If Elisabeth Hasselbeck can handle sitting next to this supposedly toxic influence, we're pretty sure everyone else can take a deep breath and relax. Check out his View interview below:

Lambert also appeared at Z100's Jingle Ball in NYC on Friday night. Click on the photos of him backstage at the event for larger images:

From Idol to Superstar
Backstage Singer

BTW...I wouldn't say people are fascinated, Kelly...esp those that do not care for his music....sorry, he sucks....


Karen...i post when i feel like posting....and no, not at every adam post, lol....I do not like him as a raedio talent...y in the helll do you throw the "agenda" and "church" card?!?! What does that say....anyone that doen't like Adam Lambert has problems and issues with God?!?! How stupid is that, kinda fanatical and completly absurd of you.....His music sucks....plain & simple..BTW, HIS RECORD SALES HAVE PLUMMETTED...HE ACTUALLY SET A RECORD FOR THE LARGEST FALL IN THE CHARTS IN HISTORY, FELL OVER 74% IN ONE WEEK!! He is no where near the top of sales for the year, get over it


I was surprised by the interview.I expected the women to rip into him; they did get every tough question in there, but then they all found the controversey laughable. Adam must have good energy in his aura or something, they were practically falling in hopeless love right in fromt of our eyes.LOL.The audience went wild for him too.I missed Whoopie though.


Jerry, you sweet talker you.
I'm running out to buy Adam's album because of you. You stay at your computor with your winning ways and bring in more Adam fans.


Great interview w the gals, who seem like they had a great time w Adam who acyually is a nice guy.( gutsy too, honest w no filters)we like this kid. We have his Delux CD plus bonus tracks 'Master Plan' and "Down the Rabbit Hole' - great too. The album is even better than we expected, enough variety in genres so it keeps movin' along.


I love Adam, I love his album, no skipping tracks on it- very good. I really want to hear about his band - that cute drummer w the dreggs, is it still "Citizen Vein" cuz Monte is here :) and is Tommy still single? Helen Keller said"Life is an adverture of nothing" and I think a name for the band is in there somewhere.


Yadayada. the ladies at The View all like and support him. Surprise ! Well, they are intelligent, real adults with adult minds, so they aren't scared of sexualtiy. Get a grip, all the nonsense makes us look like laughing stock to the europeans, 'cause we are. Well, like him or not, his CD is solid, lots of diversity nothing boring, in fact, there will be multiple hit singles coming off this album- it is filled with great music- Adam did us right. The reviews back up what I'm saying too. As for Adam, well, here we are, the fans are addicted, the foes are obsessed, Adam is living his life and we are spectators. Fascinating.


The entire interview ia great, funny too, proves REAl adults like these smart successful ladies aren't afraid of sexuality. As Joy said, the daytime soaps are far more graphic, Barbara said it's all been done before etc, even Elizaberth said 'you're a nice guy" and the hallaballoo is false characterization. Basically, it became clear they like and support Adam and there is intelligent life on earth,
the ladies pretty much feel like Stephen Speilberg, they like and support Adam Lambert.


for_real_tho I see you post at every Adam article. Why do you closely follow someone you think sucks? Personal agenda from a church group maybe, or something along those lines...hmmm. Or if you are 1 individual following Adam with personal dislike, you have a serious mental defect and need to seek help. If part of a group with agenda, also mental defect, seek help.


Adam's album has been getting really good reviews. Adam is very avant garde so it may take a while for people to warm up. That makes him all the more interesting and will give him much more longevity in his career.


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