ABC Axes Adam Lambert... Again!

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Seriously, ABC?!?

For the second time in as many weeks, the network has pulled the plug on an Adam Lambert appearance.

First, the singer was scheduled to appear on Good Morning America the day after his controversial American Music Awards performance. In a movie that reeked of homophobia and a double standard, Lambert was axed from the show.

Instead, he performed a perfectly clean routine on Today and has gone on to admit his AMA act "went too far."

Case closed, right? Not for ABC.

We Love Lambert

Lambert's was scheduled to put on an outdoor concert on the December 17 installment of Jimmy Kimmel Live! - but an an ABC spokesperson confirmed today:

“We decided not to move forward with the booking at this time."

No reason was given for the cancelation, but the gig had been booked prior to the AMAs. Lambert will now perform on The Jay Leno Show on December 21.

By the way: woman-beating Chris Brown will still appear on 20/20 next week. That show airs on ABC.


abc, you are really DIGGING a GRAVE here, you are TOTALLY overlooking ADAM'S awesome talent. He is a SUPERSTAR. you are a channel that we can change without getting out of our chairs----are you kidding me? ADAM is beautiful, powerful, charismatic, fascinating, talented beyond belief and will outlive your pathetic short-sightedness. go ahead, side with the hate-mongers and the narrow-minded conservative-hitler descendants (aka.destroy what you fear). you can TRY to kill the things that "scare" you, but in the end, you will just look BAD. i will SWITCH the channel to see ADAM.


abc is the fcc's bitch. and the fcc is using gestapo-like tactics to control and censure adam and his performances. where is the outrage? where is the support of his fellow artists and musicians? freedom of speech? ha! freedom of being who and what you are without persecution? HA! flood abc and the fcc with emails decrying their overbearing,puritanical control issues. support adam!!


I hope it all backfires on ABC, i know i will not watch that station again, too bad that they prefer woman beaters, and as if GMA replacing Adam with CB, they give him 20/20 so, ABC sucks, Adam was wonderful on the Early Show and precious on Ellen. Seriously hope that ABC is going to censor ALL the crap they put out in prime time, daytime, family friendly, ha, saw more "inappropriate" displays than Adam shown EVERYDAY on ABC, its because Adam is gorgeous, supremely talented and fearless, this "little mindedness" will not win in the long run! So long, ABC! except, for Barbara Walter's special, and if that's a no go - well, save that comment for later.


ABC SUCKSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!! Everyone go to their website and complain. It's easy, click contact and the form will take a minute. Tweet #AdamBringsChange it's trending!!!!!


This is not happening - I am not living in 21st Century America, but in some backwater hole in central Asia. ABC is having a tempter tantrum and are out to destroy anything Adam - and yes, they are bunch of white, middle-aged white men who rule the network and they need to learn a thing or two about the power of the Internet. Let's collectively agree not to watch ABC during the holidays - better yet, go out with your friends and family, listen to some FYE and enjoy a normal conversation with you equals. So long ABC...


I will never watch ABC, they are ignorant, homophobic idiots. Where is all the outrage over Janet Jackson's crotch grabbing her male dancer? Where is the outrage over all the other sexually charged and violent performances. Why is Adam being singled out??
ABC you are dead in my house, will never watch any of your programs again and I know all of Adams fans feel the same. Oh and I hope your show with wife, girlfriend beater is the lowest rating show ever. America and ABC seem to prefer hate over love. How very stupid.


I never watched Jimmy Kimmel before and now I know that I will never watch it. I used to watch GMA, now I am an Early Show fan. If I am home on New year's Eve, I will not be watching Dick Clark. I prefer gay men who kiss on stage to real life rapists. Since ABC prefers rapists, I now prefer NBC!


This is so stupid and makes me so angry. How can ABC do that crap? It's their loss. I imagine all the ABC execs are white men, and their sexuality is mightily threatened if they have to cancel Adam.


WOW - ABC is ridiculous...their loss


Oh gosh. ABC is acting like scared little chickens. He's just gonna get booked somewhere else and get them ratings.


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