ABC Axes Adam Lambert... Again!

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Seriously, ABC?!?

For the second time in as many weeks, the network has pulled the plug on an Adam Lambert appearance.

First, the singer was scheduled to appear on Good Morning America the day after his controversial American Music Awards performance. In a movie that reeked of homophobia and a double standard, Lambert was axed from the show.

Instead, he performed a perfectly clean routine on Today and has gone on to admit his AMA act "went too far."

Case closed, right? Not for ABC.

We Love Lambert

Lambert's was scheduled to put on an outdoor concert on the December 17 installment of Jimmy Kimmel Live! - but an an ABC spokesperson confirmed today:

“We decided not to move forward with the booking at this time."

No reason was given for the cancelation, but the gig had been booked prior to the AMAs. Lambert will now perform on The Jay Leno Show on December 21.

By the way: woman-beating Chris Brown will still appear on 20/20 next week. That show airs on ABC.


yayayyaya abc - lambert is a poser/loser/phony/nasty hustler.... his game done run out though.


Am absolutely boycotting ABC and will do so until they agree to put Adam on where he can sing and we can listen to his awesome voice. ABC, you are going to lose big time and deserve to. Can't believe you would treat anyone the way you're behaving toward Adam Lambert. You no longer exist in my world.


I read that the FCC doesn't need to regulate material after 10 p.m., that's why Adam was placed so late in the broadcast. ABC is just worried about their sponsorship. Heard it was Denny's, they pulled out because of Adam. Remember Denny's, the restaurant that got in trouble for not serving some African-American customers a while back. So, not only are they racists, but also homophobes and ABC is going along with it. Obviously, they'd also rather support someone who beats up their girlfriend, i.e., Chris Brown. Adam has also proven with subsequent shows that he knows when to pull back. I suggest that everyone boycott ABC until they come to their senses and put Adam Lambert on one of their shows. It's time to punish ABC for THEIR immoral behavior.


Adam is awesome, but he made a mistake. Sorry folks, but ABC has the right to refuse airing his performance because he didnt perform what he was supposed to perform at the AMAs. At this point, I'm sure that they are not affraid of him performing similar acts, as they have seen that Adam can keep it clean. I agree that there is a double standard, and that the fact that he is gay might have made this whole affair more controversial. However, that has nothing to do with the cancelation. It has to due with the fact that ABC is mad at Adam for not presenting the performance he was supposed to on their network. I do hope that Adam gets to perform on other networks, because I do want to hear him sing. But I cannot blame ABC for their decision. They are getting a lot of heat because of what Adam did, and they have the right to be mad at him. Adam is definitely learning this the hard way.


Excellent desition.. I love Adam


I'm done with ABC. How disgusting..they are still going ahead with the woman-beating Chris Brown but they axe Adam again. They are gutless. Rock on Adam.
I say we just go out and buy another one of Adam's CD's, buy some for Xmas gifts too, and show Adam our support by buying his CD.
ABC can go stuff themselves!


I for one will be boycotting ABC until they come to their senses. I don't give a hoot if I miss a show I like, no way!!!!!!!! I hope their ratings tank, this is like a damn witch hunt, freakin unbelievable. It's almost 2010 and people are still so prejudiced it turns my stomach.


Abc - you loose! Adam is a star..his fans will follow him. Sorry for your loss!


I was all set to watch Adam Lambert on both Jimmey Kimmel and the Dick Clark special. I am outraged! ABC is discriminating against Adam Lambert. For them to say they feel uncomfortable with him is ridiculous. Adam did Ellen, David Letterman and the CBS Early Show. All fantastic performances! Kimmel's show is on after ten PM! If ABC is going to stop showing Adam Lambert I'm going to stop watching ABC. And I heard that Allison was taking Adam's spot on Kimmel. As much as I loved Allison I can't believe she would do that to Adam. So guess what girlfriend I'm not buying your CD either. The kid went out of his way to help her on Idol and that is how she repays him? Wow.


I'm so fed up with ABC! How about last week's episode of "Brothers and Sisters", one of their most popular shows? Never mind the fact that Kevin Walker is gay and married to Scotty, but this particular episode dealt with their wanting to have a baby via surrogate. Both men had to go to the fertility clinic, where masterbation, porn, and sperm were discussed at length. That, ABC doesn't have a problem airing, and that show comes on way earlier than the shows that Adam is being cancelled off of. Thank God Adam is a smart guy, and isn't letting any of this get him down. He knows he'll end up being the winner in the end, especially once other networks snatch him up for performances. I've had it with ABC.


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