ABC Axes Adam Lambert... Again!

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Seriously, ABC?!?

For the second time in as many weeks, the network has pulled the plug on an Adam Lambert appearance.

First, the singer was scheduled to appear on Good Morning America the day after his controversial American Music Awards performance. In a movie that reeked of homophobia and a double standard, Lambert was axed from the show.

Instead, he performed a perfectly clean routine on Today and has gone on to admit his AMA act "went too far."

Case closed, right? Not for ABC.

We Love Lambert

Lambert's was scheduled to put on an outdoor concert on the December 17 installment of Jimmy Kimmel Live! - but an an ABC spokesperson confirmed today:

“We decided not to move forward with the booking at this time."

No reason was given for the cancelation, but the gig had been booked prior to the AMAs. Lambert will now perform on The Jay Leno Show on December 21.

By the way: woman-beating Chris Brown will still appear on 20/20 next week. That show airs on ABC.


I hate Lambert


This will be the first time that I will miss Dick Clark. I bet Dick doesn't even know the truth about the kind of censorship ABC is pulling. Dick Clark was always a maverick in dicovering new talent. He would have beeen excited about having Adam on. This is not the same Dick Clark I remember. It is too bad that at the end of his career he will be remembered as the man who censored one of the greeatest entertainers of this generation. It will forshadow the reputation he once had of being a great mentor of extrodinary talent. It would have been a memorable night for all of us, but instead we are being robbed of seeing Adam perform. So I won't be watching Dick Clark on New Years Eve. I will be watching whatever channel Adam Lambert is on. CBS, be smart give Adam his own show that night. Adam Lambert's New Years Eve special. The ratings will be enormous!


Gee, maybe he could be on Kimmel if he was f'ing Ben Afleck....


I know people who had tickets to see Adam on Jimmy Kimmell...boy are they mad! And with good reason. Shame on the FCC for dictating a double standard, and shame on ABC for not having grown a set.


Adam screams does not sing. You can tell he has a nice voice but his presentation is horrendous! I saw his act and it was gross to me I felt like I was watching an S & M show. Oh yeah I forgot I need to be openminded while you freaks shove your sexual perversion down my throat!


TO Sue: So are you going to complain about the hundreds of other things shown on ABC TV that are overtly sexual? Because if not, the you are just a simple hypocrite. The idiots that think that this censorship is OK for just one artist frighten me. He has already been punished, even the Parents TV Council felt ABC went too far with removing Adam from GMA!


Too little too late Adam. Who cares if you are gay but for the public's sake, keep your act clean. What a class act NOT. You have a beautiful voice, why don't you showcase it instead of screaming. You sounded, looked and acted horrible. Clean up your act. Yeah for ABC to cancel this revolting display.


Kudos to ABC. I like Adam's voice but his "expressing" himself is disgusting. You are a winner in my book ABC.


I heared that Allison took Adam's spot on Kimmel's Show. Not buying her cd. I didn't like it anyway.


Hate ABC. They show the world and thier conservatives that BEETING a women is not so bad, It's even OK. especially if it's a reaccuring matter. You are HOMOPHBICS and I hate you. Will NEVER watch ABC again. Who do you think you are? You are putting a dark shade on Americans. Shame on you!!! Adam is a MEGA star who is TRUE to himself and his Fans. You have LIE written all over you. You are cowards!!!!


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