A Prince Michael Jackson (Blanket) Sighting!

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It used to be extremely rare when his privacy-obsessed (and world famous) father was still alive, but Prince Michael Jackson II, more commonly known as Blanket, has been seen out and about a lot lately, as have his older siblings.

Here's Blanket heading home after his karate class ...

Prince Michael (Blanket) Picture

Blanket takes karate and eats pretzels. The Jackson family has done a wonderful job with the children since Michael died. [Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline.com]

Seven-year-old Blanket's biological mother is still unknown, and the father of his older sibs Paris and Prince Michael I has also been called into question.

Regardless, there's no question that they were the children of Michael Jackson in the true sense - he loved them more than life and raised them so well.

Tragic as his death was, Michael's mom Katherine and the rest of his family have given the kids a terrific support system. Here's hoping they keep it up!


Awwwwwwww! blankets so cuteeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


@A says...this is alittle white boy. First of all who cares. Michael loved and raised those kids from day one. Weither his blood run through them or not, he were their father. I bet if you were to ask those kids who there father is they would say Michael Jackson. All this bull need to be put to rest. If the kids have any questions when they grow up then let them seek the answers, but it really is none of anyone else business. They are Michael Jackson kids. Look at pictures of Michael when he was a young kid, look at Michael's eyes and you will see Blanket's eyes.


blanket is so cute he looks like his dad MICHAEL heaps


he is GOERGIOUS..like his father,Michael


one word aww to all 3 of his kids. wish i have kids that cute. man r they just the cutest n gonna be lil heart breakers when there older. got their dads good looks


That is a little white boy.


Mjs kids re so cute nd I'm glad there getting there life back evan though it won't be the same without micheal wish the kids best of luck. 1


Blanket looks just like his father, and Michael is also the father of Prince and Paris.
All three of them are so cute.


He was their father, biologically and in every other way! Blanket is SO cute! He looks like Michael!


I know Michael Jackson continues to
watch over his children from Heaven and
sometimes even from Earth.

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