2009 Rewind: Adam Lambert on Idol, Sexuality, True Blood and More!

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We told you Adam Lambert was everywhere.

The singer has appeared on The View, So You Think You Can Dance and Chelsea Lately over the last week. That's what happens when you're one of the 10 most-searched for celebrities on Google in 2009.

In a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, the wildly popular singer dishes on the year of his life. As the excerpts below depict, he looks back on American Idol, coming out of the closet and more...

On American Idol: "I honestly didn't feel like I would get that far on the show. I thought, I'm not as conventional as American Idol usually likes. I just didn't expect the judges and the audience to be as supportive as they were."

On announcing he's gay: "I'm very comfortable with my sexuality, and very, very open about it, and have always been out, since I was out of high school..  after the competition was over, and I had made my mark, so to speak, I felt like then it was appropriate to talk about my personal life."

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On an upcoming tour: "I think it's probably going to be springtime... I think it's not going to be a standard arena tour. We're going to do something a little different. My big goal is I want to create a show. I want to do something that's very visually dynamic, and is a little more interactive feeling than your typical arena tour."

On his favorite TV show: "I watched True Blood. I just love the tone of it. I really like what they're saying. In many ways, they're talking about our current civil rights issues, but under the guise of they're vampires. It's really sexy. The actors are fantastic. The storylines are captivating."

Sexy, fantastic and captivating? Lambert could be referring to himself with those descriptions.


Crater face, what are you in junior high? Nah, nah, he has some acne, can't you think of something more intelligent to say? The man is receiving accolades every where you turn. He's on someone's top ten list every other day in magazines, newspapers, on websites, etc. Listen, if you can't take Adam's heat, get out of the kitchen. This man is HOT!!


Previous You are soooo obsessed with Adam, you are angry because you cannot have him, why else would you follow all his articles, and change your name, its not just to make a negative comment, you adore him, he DOES matterto you, you cannot help yourself...admit it. Anyway, thank you for contributing to his popularity.


this dude sucksssssssss. so annoying. he is a no body that thinks he is somebody! PAY YOUR DUES!!!! he also has crater face.


to the person who said he Can't carry an arena tour, did not see him perform last summer on the Idol tour , I did, and he was the only artist, yes artist, entertainer, who had everyone up and out of their seats, and singing and dancing, oh yes, he will sell, his tour will be crazyiness, and he will be one of the top tours of 2010 !!!!!!!!


I can't wait for the tour!!! I know it will be outrageous, out standing and a performing artist plethera of yummy!!! Sorry I got excited :-)


For-real-tho has such a crush on Adam. Follows him on every site and seems totally obsessed - LOL!! Adam has had a stunning year and is having an impact on American culture, he has started a much needed conversation about the bias and bigotry we do not want to face. And then there is his music, I never get tired of listening to Adam's voice. His alubm is just killer, the more I listen the more I enjoy unpeeling the layers of the vocals, guitar riffs and intelligent lyrics of the songs. Broken Open is my favorite, because it is so Adam on an emotional human level, but I love every single song and listen to it every day.


Can't handle an arena tour? You obviously know NOTHING about him because there is no one out there who could handle it better. Crazy.


"Sexy, fantastic and captivating? Lambert could be referring to himself with those descriptions." Couldn't agree with you more.


for-real-tho: If you were a fan of Adam's, you would know that he was one of the top google searches BEFORE the AMAs. Since you are obviously not, why do you choose to follow him now? Just to criticize? Everyone has a right to their opinions but why would you want to write negative stuff about someone who has never done anything to you? Just to hurt him and his fans? Enough time on you... Adam is proving how wonderful he is daily and those photos from EW are great! I can't wait for the tour. Brilliant singer. Wonderful person.


This guy could not carry an arena tour....lol!! Where is that "mark" he made, BTW?? The "Googie" reference is a direct result to his AMA debacle....His music


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