2009 Rewind: Adam Lambert on Idol, Sexuality, True Blood and More!

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We told you Adam Lambert was everywhere.

The singer has appeared on The View, So You Think You Can Dance and Chelsea Lately over the last week. That's what happens when you're one of the 10 most-searched for celebrities on Google in 2009.

In a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, the wildly popular singer dishes on the year of his life. As the excerpts below depict, he looks back on American Idol, coming out of the closet and more...

On American Idol: "I honestly didn't feel like I would get that far on the show. I thought, I'm not as conventional as American Idol usually likes. I just didn't expect the judges and the audience to be as supportive as they were."

On announcing he's gay: "I'm very comfortable with my sexuality, and very, very open about it, and have always been out, since I was out of high school..  after the competition was over, and I had made my mark, so to speak, I felt like then it was appropriate to talk about my personal life."

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On an upcoming tour: "I think it's probably going to be springtime... I think it's not going to be a standard arena tour. We're going to do something a little different. My big goal is I want to create a show. I want to do something that's very visually dynamic, and is a little more interactive feeling than your typical arena tour."

On his favorite TV show: "I watched True Blood. I just love the tone of it. I really like what they're saying. In many ways, they're talking about our current civil rights issues, but under the guise of they're vampires. It's really sexy. The actors are fantastic. The storylines are captivating."

Sexy, fantastic and captivating? Lambert could be referring to himself with those descriptions.


I'm incredibly stoked to see Adam on his solo tour. His debut album is fantastic and exceeded my lofty expectations. Somehow FYE managed to appeal to me, in my fifties - and my daughter who's 18!! How many artists can do that?? The way Adam describes what he'd like to do for his solo tour is my DREAM tour for him - smaller, more intimate venues with a visual, more interactive experience - COUNT ME IN! Adam is electric on stage and anyone who gets to see & hear him sing live is in for a major treat!!


It is MEDIOCRE mind like yours which responds violently when you encounter great spirits like ADAM LAMBERT. It is such a pity there's no drug, cure or rehab for MEDIOCRITY.


That is so funny Adam says that about True Blood. I was speaking with my parents about it and said True Blood was a hidden message about all the oppression in America. It started with the Indians, Women, Blacks and now is hindering the freedom of gays. It is all disguised under the word vampire but that is why the storyline speaks to me. I would love to see our Glam God on True Blood.


lol...so much hate for people that don't like him...nothing new...and no, I do not secretly love him...truth is hard to take, right...I simply do not like his music and know i side with the majority on that one...so, get over it.....weird how this guys fanatics are so angry...


I love this kid, there's something irresistible about him, and I'm old enough to be his Mother....well maybe his big sister, LOL


He Will be huge, we knew it from the beginning. Dont let the biggots bring down the huge mood that adam brings to us. Enjoy it, adam fans are right and will get what we are cheering for. ADAM!!!! Completely agree with a previous comment, I have never been this obsessed about a guy since high school. Who gives a crap about the negative comments they wont have any effect on his career anyways, LETS ENJOY WATCHING ADAM JUMP TO THE TOP!!!!!!


omqqqqqqqqqqq this dude is a huge faqqqqqqqqq


Well, some people just follow around making negative posts when we Glams already know that if you really didn't care about Adam, you'd not be up in his news. haha. Say what you want, we know about you, For Real...Adam is cool, confident, and wicked talented. Just holding on for the ride.


adam has nuffin to prove.......its his movie and he is staring in it....... deal with it haters!!!!!


LOL @ Mona999 shut up


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