2009 Movie Review: Megan Fox Sucks, New Moon Rules

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The year in movies came to a positive end Christmas weekend, as theaters across the nation took in the largest box office haul in Hollywood history.

But how will events, actors and films from 2009 be remembered beyond that? According to a newly-released Moviefone.com poll, very well if you were part of New Moon; not as well if your name is Megan Fox.

Below, we list the results of that site's year-end poll, including the percentage of film buffs that voted for 2009's Best Movie, Worst Actress and other categories...

Best Movie: New Moon (41%)

Worst Movie: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (24%)

Funniest Movie: The Hangover (52%)

Worst Female Performance: Megan Fox (Transformers, 31%)

Worst Male Performance: Jack Black (Year One, 22%)

Best Male Performance: George Clooney (Up in the Air, 29%)

Best Female Performance: Sanda Bullock (The Blind Side, 44%)

Sexiest Male Star: Robert Pattinson (46%)

Sexiest Female Star: Megan Fox (45%)

Agree with these results? Disagree? Dying to see Megan Fox nude, just never, ever on the big screen again? Write in. Let us know!

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Fuck new Moon. Fuck that Brit.


i totally agree, megan Fox is the sexiest female star! i don't know about rob. i personally think he's not that good looking and he's not that sexy. i think girls only swoon over him because he plays edward cullen in the twilight series. but i think that's about to change with Taylor Lautner in the picture. taylor's way way hotter than rob!!!!


I tollaly agree that Megan Fox suck haha I don't hate her but I thought she is suck 'cuz don't know she most sexy but suck lol


Both Megan and Robert Suck, f#%k them!!!!
It should be Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner, they are the best and the hottest/sexiest!!!


why was transformers 2 the worst movie..?it was okay..


i totally agree with the results...except of the megan fox part. robsten rulz :)
little P.: i don't thinks so. it's just a roumor...


I heard that Rob and Megan were a couple, or that they had a good night togheter ? I heard it in MTV, is it right?