What the Heck Happened to Kim Kardashian?!?

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Remember when Kim Kardashian was curvy, sexy and not an utter sellout?

We miss those days.

For the second time in the last few months, Kim has Tweeted a photo of herself in a bikini. The latest is accompanied with the message: "Quick Trim photo shoot today in Miami! I finally feel I've reached my goal!"

Apparently, her goal is to look at emaciated as humanly possible.

We really hope those Quick Trim bucks are worth it, Kim, as you've let curvy girls across America know the only acceptable look involves skin, bones and large breasts. Please, eat something - and try to not flush it out of your system with something no doctor on the planet would approve of...

Twit Pic
Kim Twitter Pic

Kim Kardashian before flushing her system out with an unhealthy weight loss supplement, and after. Which look do you prefer?


It also appears that Kim has had facial plastic surgery, her face looks tight and very fake, what a bad decision. Kim had been blessed with natural beauty, what was she thinking!


No, I do not remember when she wasn't an utter sellout.


She looks like hell. She's not going to have that pretty skin for long at this rate!Good thing her hair is fake, because real hair gets dull and dry with drastic weight loss. that or it falls out!


The second pic is obviously a fake. It has been stretched like a fun house mirror. Every thing looks really long.


I dont understand how she has sold out - she still is curvy she has hips boobs thighs n you cant exactly see her bones what you can see is muscle definition which in all honesty makes her a good role model it shows that she works out which last time i checked was a good thing - yes she did look great when she was curvy but she still looks gd now. As much as i disagree with the use of a weight loss pill you cant go out and say that a diet pill gave her that muscle definition because thats bull.


Not a big fan of Kim's antics for the most part - but as a young woman who's battled an eating disorder for 8 years, it was somewhat refreshing to see a quasi-celeb (read: someone who thrusts themselves into the public eye) that wasn't obsessed with being rail thin. I am somewhat disgusted that the woman who once professed to love her curves and womanly figure would do such an about face to make a few bucks - like you need the money Kim.


Used to love her, she was so glamorous and gorgeous but now she's totally sold out; bad role model, she looked better on the left!


No woman can loose weight all around and magically keep it in her boobs. I really wanna like her, I do. I think she is so pretty, and aside from being a media whore, she actually does good things sometimes (as opposed to LiLo)...but you guys are right...she just send the wrong message to the big females and males. I thought she was way, way, way prettier when she had those 15 lbs on her


Can you say Boob Job??? She is such a Whore! Amazine what money can buy! Big Fake all around!


Is the picture on the right even real? It just looks too fake for me to believe. Apart from the face, everything just looks too flat and computerized.

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