What the Heck Happened to Kim Kardashian?!?

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Remember when Kim Kardashian was curvy, sexy and not an utter sellout?

We miss those days.

For the second time in the last few months, Kim has Tweeted a photo of herself in a bikini. The latest is accompanied with the message: "Quick Trim photo shoot today in Miami! I finally feel I've reached my goal!"

Apparently, her goal is to look at emaciated as humanly possible.

We really hope those Quick Trim bucks are worth it, Kim, as you've let curvy girls across America know the only acceptable look involves skin, bones and large breasts. Please, eat something - and try to not flush it out of your system with something no doctor on the planet would approve of...

Twit Pic
Kim Twitter Pic

Kim Kardashian before flushing her system out with an unhealthy weight loss supplement, and after. Which look do you prefer?


I thnk kim looks GREAT!,Her body is more toned ,which looks healthy 2 me.i lov it! Bt im abit sceptical about the big boobs


I really don't understand why everyone is being so hard on her...she's still beautiful. Those 15 pounds didn't maker her look unhealthy! She still has plenty of curves, I don't think that she has sacrificed that at all. All those 15 pounds has done is shape her up some, not make her look 'emaciated'. And it's important that she is happy with her looks, she's a person too you know.


omg, ok who rly cares? if shes healthy, we shouldnt be judging how we like her better a little fuller. and Besides, the after picture is a definate phtoshopped pic. her hair doesnt lay corectly, especially around her boobs, her face is way paler than the body, plus it just doesnt seem to fit in w/ the background


I like the 1st pic better not to say I don't like them both just prefer the !st


Just like some dude up in here said,she's a media whore.Since she couldn't get a role to suck dicks onscreen,she went hardcore sucking the dick of that punk called ray j.1st of all,as an artist who truly believe in your talent,making homemade sex tape is bullshit and not some hard shit.That shit ain't gangsta and for kim,a daughter of a reputable man and lawyer for a celeb like O.J.Simpson to reduce her level to making sex tapes just to be famous coz she couldn't get a Sharon Stone chance is fucked the fuck up.Now,that shit didn't work and she's doing everything she could to keep that shit going by slimming down trying to be Paris Hilton and doing some boob shit to be like pornstars....fuck!...she's on her way outta business...damn bitches...no hating niggaz..its just the fact and l ma spit it!!!


She's not attractive to begin with- but now she looks that much worse.


She is obviously insecure. Who takes pictures of themself all the time and posts them on her twitter page - I just looked at it, and its all about....me me me....What a shame! She has lost respect for herself. She is extremely self absorbed. She will fade away before she knows it. She really doesn't care what people say about her.


Her head and hair are huge. ha, alliteration!


What in hell is wrong with these young women?What are they striving for?If it's perfection they'll never find it because there's no such thing.Everybody's starting to look alike, skinny, gigantic boobs, the same noses, and how many women have been ruined by getting their lips done.What happened to being unique?Kim Kardashian should just be herself, she was so pretty and looked so appealing because she looked healthy.Wake up girls before it's too late!!!!!


That second picture looks like my dog photoshopped it. :/

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