Victoria Prince: Pregnant with Spawn of K-Fed?

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Say it ain't so for humanity: Kevin Federline's girlfriend, Victoria Prince, is pregnant, according to reports. If true, it would be K-Fed's fifth freaking child.

Federline already has four children - daughter Kori, 7, and son Kaleb, 5, with former flame Shar Jackson, who he infamously dumped for Britney Spears.

The pop star soon bore him troubled sons Sean, 4, and Jayden, 3.

Victoria Prince, a former pro volleyball player, has been living with Kevin Federline since this spring for some reason, and just learned she is knocked up.

She began to suspect she was pregnant after the two spent a weekend in Las Vegas in mid-October. Her fat slob BF urged her to take a pregnancy test.

It was positive. As if there were any doubt. Guy's boys can swim!

K-Fed, Victoria Prince Picture

K-Fed is totally pregnant. Er, we mean Victoria Prince is. Yeah ...

"The test was positive. She told Kevin that she was pregnant, but he didn't seem happy to hear the news," a source quoted by the National Enquirer says.

"Kevin wasn't planning to have children with Victoria, and he's upset with her. Kevin loves her, but he told her that he didn't want to get married again."

What's more, another source says the baby news could send the emotionally fragile Britney Spears, who long hoped for a reconciliation, back off the rails:

"Britney never wanted Kevin to have another child unless it was with her. She desperately wants a baby girl, and she had hoped Kevin would be the dad."

We're not sure if we believe that part. She and Jason Trawick seem very happy together, and come on, it's Kevin Federline. Who would want that back?

Seriously, Victoria Prince. What is the appeal? OMG check out that random, overweight, chain-smoking deadbeat slob with no job and four kids! HOT!


he must have some hell of a good dick for him to be getting these girls going crazy for him like that. victoria took a break of vollyball to be with kevin britney did the same well faked an injury cancelled her tour to be with kevin, when they first started their relationship. i mean he's cute but its not that seriouse his dick must be hypnotising. lol


kevin federline is good looking i'll give him that. but come on, victoria and brit need to stop being so shallow he's nothing more than a pretty face. once he's a certain age he will be nothing but a wrinkly dead beat guy. are u girls gonna want him then? i think not.


Another kid for Britney to support!


It's just so hard to have respect for a guy who has no problem going from girl to girl and getting them pregnant, then leaving them. Those poor kids.


atleast he produces cute kids... but that could come from britney's side of the family..


Feel no sympathy for K-Fat. He's a waste of society


Damn, if he didn't want anymore than he should of done something about it.


Keep em coming K-Fed! McDonald's needs more recruits for future employment.


Don't be too surprised...apparently the girl is messed up, why else would she be with this turd to begin she will forever have access to Brit Brit's moolah, too

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