Twilight Saga Covers: Choose Your Team!

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Off screen, Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner are close friends.

(Close, naked friends in the case of the first two stars!)

Breaking Dawn Scene

But as part of the Twilight Saga's promotional efforts, these three actors are often pitted against one another. You can't simply be a fan of them all, the movie studio implies; life is all about choices, few more important than the one readers must make below.

Entertainment Weekly has released a trio of collector's edition covers. Can you purchase each one? Of course. But where is the fun-filled debate in that?!?

Instead, we're asking fans to study the following photos and then chime in. Which is your favorite?

Whose team are you on?

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I lloooovvvveeeee edward but dam Kristen is HOT in this mag its better so she got my vote..




I, proudly, do not have a team. All three teams suck, equally. Is it completely and utterly sad that I find Kristen Stewart to be the only one remotely attractive? Did I mention the fact that I'm a completely straight female?


Team Jacob, IU feel sorry for him, I have been in that sit. before, plus hes totally GORGEOUS!


Robert is too gorgeous!!! Team Edward all the way!


ughh, i really don't like robelt pattinson. He needs a haircut. Or just needs to wash his head. He looks obscene. Taylor is much prettier. But, hey. That's just my opinion.


Team edward all the way like! He's gorgeous :) x


proudly team jacob of course!! (:

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