Toni Braxton & Keri Lewis Split; Trey Songz to Blame?

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Toni Braxton's marriage is beyond repair - but can other man unbreak her heart?

Sorry, that was really lame, and probably not a reference people under 35 get.

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Anyway, the Grammy-winning R&B star and Dancing With the Stars alum split from her husband of eight years, former Mint Condition musician Keri Lewis.

No word from the couple on the reason behind the split or whether a divorce is imminent, but the timing is suspicious considering one particular incident.

Some have speculated the breakup has something to do with Braxton's full-on lip-lock with singer Trey Songz during the taping of the Soul Train Awards.

All with Keri Lewis in the audience. Scandalous stuff, to say the absolute least.

Was Toni Braxton's kiss with Trey Songz behind her split with Keri Lewis?

Braxton, 43, and Lewis, 41, met on tour in 1997, married in 2001 and have two sons. Trey Songz is just 24. Maybe Toni is channeling her inner Puma.


Oh my,why? They look so great together.Keri has the poise of a real man,Trey as fine as he is,is just a child.NO,NO,NO.


I must say I am really disappointed in her. I think there's a much more discret way to handle your personal problems with your spouse then to brocast it and I think 8 years and 2 kids is a lot too give up for a cheap thrill- and to do it right in front of her hubby not less in public- talk about humilutating- with the innocent child's eyes looking on- thats just incomprehensible to me. I just hope Keri's crew from the Mint have been there to offer some real support for their brotha- Guess she not sending him swingin' anymore- lol Keri you deserve better.


DAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.TreySongz is Fin as Hell Soooooooooooooooo TONI ur TRAP


i know his numba trey songz is fine toni braxton is tranp


I think it was in bad taste to do that in front of your husband Im sorry Toni that was disrespectful and he were to do that to you I am sure you would have withheld your honey from him. Woman to woman it was wrong


That was not good, she probably wanted to send a message to her hubby....but what a way to do it.


Shes a tramp. and the song "so yesterday" was to her husband.


Toni & Trey Look Real Cute together but what she did wus wrong .. because her husband was in the audience & if it wus a acct then he wuLd've known but i think something between toni & trey is going on

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