Toni Braxton & Keri Lewis Split; Trey Songz to Blame?

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Toni Braxton's marriage is beyond repair - but can other man unbreak her heart?

Sorry, that was really lame, and probably not a reference people under 35 get.

Toni Braxton Photograph

Anyway, the Grammy-winning R&B star and Dancing With the Stars alum split from her husband of eight years, former Mint Condition musician Keri Lewis.

No word from the couple on the reason behind the split or whether a divorce is imminent, but the timing is suspicious considering one particular incident.

Some have speculated the breakup has something to do with Braxton's full-on lip-lock with singer Trey Songz during the taping of the Soul Train Awards.

All with Keri Lewis in the audience. Scandalous stuff, to say the absolute least.

Was Toni Braxton's kiss with Trey Songz behind her split with Keri Lewis?

Braxton, 43, and Lewis, 41, met on tour in 1997, married in 2001 and have two sons. Trey Songz is just 24. Maybe Toni is channeling her inner Puma.

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Therez nothing wrong with wat my mom toni did shez a woman no woman can resist trey, wat u did mom was not bad.


If you ask me i think Keri Lewis should drop Toni Braxton and get back with the band Mint Condition making great music.Toni Braxton is a ditz


It was a performance people. If they divorce, obviously the problems existed long before this stunt with Trey Songz. It was entertaining and did what it was supposed to do...get everyone talking.


as a NON-AMERICAN i find NON-AMERICANS need to stop thinking their feces doesn't smell either. get over yourself and think this behavior is "only mainstream america" mentality.


Toni if dis is true,remba God is watchin....***bt its tim gvt luk in to dis powa given 2 women ova men...?


BLAH shutup its her life


lol dat is so cool


One great fan of yours, I'm very dispointed in you Toni! Nobody has to disgrace friend or husband like this. That's why we don't trust american girls anymore. Shame on you!


I lov toni,as if was my mum.wht she did was wrong,bt i think we shovld hear what on her.and the song 'yesterday"i lov dat not 4 her hubby.


You people are so judgmental. You know nothing about the marriage split. What is it with calling her a tramp. As a non-American I am always appalled by the hypocritical attitude of mainstream Americans towards sex. Grow up you idiots.