Tiger Woods' Mistress Gets Around Like a Record

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Rachel Uchitel, NYC nightclub manager, is accused of having an affair with Tiger Woods. Mistress of the golfer or not, it's not the first such allegation she's faced.

She has previously rumored to have romanced David Boreanaz, while her mom told pals Rachel dated both Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez of the N.Y. Yankees.

Sweet Rachel

To use one of our favorite Office Space quotes, she gets around - like a record! - when it comes to celebs. Or even David Boreanaz for that matter. Crazy chick.

In 2004, Uchitel married Wall Street trader Steven Ehrenkranz, but split after four months. She was also engaged to Andy O'Grady, who died in the 9/11 attacks.

Tragic as that event surely was for Rachel Uchitel, did it start a pattern that ultimately led her to an affair with Tiger Woods, among other married celebrities?

The National Enquirer dropped the bomb late last week that she first became Tiger Woods' mistress in June after meeting him at Manhattan's Griffin nightclub.

Rachel Uchitel denies her affair with Woods took place, stating: "I did not have an affair with Tiger Woods. I met him twice and have not heard from him since."

Tiger Woods' alleged mistress with her high-powered lawyer.

As for reports that their alleged affair prompted an attack by Elin Woods and Tiger's subsequent car crash Friday, Uchitel again denied any role in the incident.

"I don't understand why anyone would think this is anything to do with me," she said, though she is so "overwhelmed" that she hired attorney Gloria Allred.

Woods hasn't addressed the affair. In a statement on his website, he said he alone is responsible for the crash, but did not explain what happened prior to it.

Police are clearly suspicious about the crash, in which Tiger Woods hit a hydrant and his neighbor's tree after leaving his house at 2:25 a.m. Friday morning.

It has been theorized that Elin reacted to rumors of Tiger cheating on her and lost her $h!t, prompting his (failed) getaway from his Islesworth, Fla., estate.

What do you think? Is Rachel Uchitel Tiger Woods' mistress? Or did his wife simply go off on him based on a false rumor? Leave a comment with your view!


Its not my business!!!!!!!!


Tiger's wife - never listen to gossip - people would want your money like what happened to michael jackson - 22 million dollars do u want that to happen - never be trapped by that gossips it's never true tiger is a very disciplined man and becoz u have so much money they will make money out of you so be careful - do not listen to gossips when somebody's telling u tiger is loke this like that do not listen like angelina jolie - she never listens to gossips. avoid magazines those are dangerous stuff u don't need that if u have kids focus on ur kids. just caring fpor your family!


I think that he should have been more careful about his dirty lil secret. But if it was me, I wouldn't have hit him or the car I might have to drive around in I simply would have went and spent some of his money on to make me feel better. I love to shop.......


I think that attacking someone (which seems the most obvious explanation for all the ridiculous drama) is never the right way. If he has had an affair, which we don't know 100%, she's just lowered her own dignity. She should have been smarter.


I think this woman is a bit of a floozy, however Elin's behaviour, if true, also makes her look like an idiot. There are no winners in this situation.


Rachel is an ugly, skanky, attention seeking hoho. Men prob. just like her for her boobs that's all.


I think if it was any one else, the police would have been on him like fleas...I personally think Tiger Woods is egotistical I can do anything kind of person...Who else would have gotten away with something like this..I don't think his wife was hitting the window to help him out, I think she was after him with a golf club..and if she had caught him, she could have done some major damage to the pouty one..


I guess Tiger did it :-)


Yeah ,Tiger ,if Rumours are true YOU are so fried!!! I will not watch any more golf games that you participate in and get rid of all things endorsed by you !!! GO Elin !!!!


If story is true, I pray there is a "no cheating" clause in prenup for Elin sake! I will never watch him play again,just as I have boycotted brad and angie movies!!! Team Elin too!!

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