Tiger Woods Delays Interview with Investigators, Plans Kobe-Style Damage Control with Elin

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Just hours after the car accident that appears to have stemmed from a domestic dispute with wife Elin Nodegren, Tiger Woods said he had to go buy her a huge ring.

That's according to someone who spoke with the golfing legend on Friday, after he crashed his car. Tiger told a friend, "I have to run to Zales to get a 'Kobe Special.'"

Elin Nordegren Woods, Kids

The person on the other end of the phone asked what a "Kobe Special" was. The reply: "A house on a finger." Tiger added that his wife had "gone ghetto" on him.

The Kobe reference pertains to the $4 million "adultery ring" the basketball star gave wife Vanessa after he nailed (and was accused of raping) a girl in Colorado.

While Tiger may very well have been joking about Kobe-style damage control, you have to wonder what he did to warrant a comment like that in the first place.

Tiger told the friend that his gorgeous wife had scratched his face up during an argument over reports that the golf great cheated on her with Rachel Uchitel.

Uchitel, right, spoke out last night and denied the affair took place. And maybe it didn't. But why would Elin flip out so bad if it weren't true? You have to wonder.

The Florida Highway Patrol is suspicious of Elin Woods' story that Tiger just drove off and hit a fire hydrant. Elin and Tiger have not yet been interviewed by police.

Woods' agent told the Florida Highway Patrol Tiger and Elin would not make themselves available to authorities Saturday. Is he waiting for his facial cuts to heal?

If Tiger and acknowledges a fight with Elin Woods, she could be arrested for domestic abuse. The Highway Patrol wants to examine the marks on Tiger's face.

He says he sustained the cuts in the crash. There is no blood in the car.

It's quite possible he's trying to protect his wife, who may or may not have attacked him, then chased him out of the house with a golf club, prompting the crash.

Driving under the influence of painkillers, which may have led Tiger to hit a hydrant and a tree while fleeing his own home at 2:25 a.m., may also be an issue.


What did she expect marrying a yellow monkey who has been trained to play golf? Human behavior? Stupid brainwashed white girl, now you have ugly children to boot.


Cheat on your wife and babies. Cause tremendous hurt and pain that will never go away for anyone of them (yes, the children will be hurt by this) and then tell your buddies your wife has gone ghetto? Think that buying a piece of jewelry will erase it? What a piece of trash.


Charlie could not beat anyone from Stanford but Elin sure could!
Can she come here and coach?


The biggest joke of all is that people actually believe golf is a sport and that golfers are athletes. *LMAO* Memo to Elin: You should have swung the club at his "club" and then shoved it up his arse. But no doubt you won't leave. Just like all women married to $$$$$, they don't want to lose the status and the meal ticket.


Kathy-Kat, Europe has ghettoes. In fact Ghetto is a European term i.e. Warsaw Ghetto. If the young lady went off on Tiger as it appears she may have that incident would be a classic case of "goin' ghetto." She shouldn't be exempted from being called out for "ghetto" behaviour just because she's a fairly cute Swede.


He's going to Zales? Maybe he should try Tiffany's of New York instead? Add his & her professional help packages, maybe "anger management" for her and "sex addiction therapy" for him? I'm only kidding a little. This was a non-fatal/non-serious-injury-level domestic dispute between a "sport icon" and his "former au pair/occasional model" wife, and you know the public reaction would have been a lot worse if they'd confessed instead of pleading for privacy. OK? So let's get back to more important issues, such as how two enterprising individuals managed to crash a party at the White House. BTW, you shouldn't say a Northern European woman "went ghetto." Maybe you'd call such behavior "Euro-trash?"


Oh well, Tigers the best the is at golf. Maybe not a marriage, but a person cant be perfect.


Yes U can get busted for driving under prescription meds..
But Back to the real deal,
The Tiger played with his 9 Iron off the course. Wifey finds out, and confronts him. Tigers no fool,so he allows her to go off on him based on rumours (thinking - just don't do anything that could be seen as poor sportsmanship ), so he lets her wallop and scratch him, untill he realises that flight is the better part of valor. He slams the door shut in her facs as she reaches for the "club" trophy hanging in the mudroom , she races thru th door just as he starts to slam the caddy into drive, seeing her coming at the vehicle, he looses concentration, floors it and hits the hydrant as he pulls onto the street, Elin stll chasing him. The steering gear is damaged by the inpact, and doesn't respond as Tiger tries to gain control on the street. He hits the tree and...well we know th rest.... Paul McCartney's divorce may not turn out to be the marital windfall of the decade..


It prove don't belive anything you hear and only half of what you see. With all the cops being picked off all over the country you think the police would have something more important to do then investigate if Tiger wife kicked his butt. What the hell is wrong with the police force today..They spend endless hours chasing pot smokers but ingore herion dealers. They investigate a heated agument that might or might not of been caused by Tiger cheating. (I thought Tiger married her right after he was rumored to be gay with his caddy buddie!) Yet guys who have beaten up there wives are allowed to go back and kill them instead of putting them in jail. Maybe Tiger has a little addiction problem like oxcotins or referred too as hillbilly herion....I doubt if anyone can get busted for driving while under prescipted medication.


@ theboSS - Eh? Can you write what you think in English please. Thank you.

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