This is Not It: Michael Jackson Movie Earns $101 Million, Run Extended Through Thanksgiving

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The Michael Jackson concert movie, This Is It, originally billed as a two-week-only event, will now be staying in theaters through Thanksgiving weekend.

This Is It led the box-office competition with an estimated $21.3 million in the U.S. Friday-Sunday, upping its five-day, worldwide haul to $101 million.

Michael Jackson (1958-2009)

The film still couldn't dominate Miley Cyrus or Paranormal Activity, but what can you expect. It is rehearsal footage, not even a real movie. Just saying.

Despite its success, This Is It barely came within $10 million of matching Cyrus' Hannah Montana concert movie's opening weekend record ($31.1 million).

Best of Both Worlds, which opened on Friday, also made more money in five days than This Is It (which opened Wednesday) $37.3 million to $32.5 million.

THAT'S NOT IT: Even in death, Michael Jackson remains an enormous draw.

Internationally was another story, though, as Michael Jackson has always been bigger overseas than in the United States, where he isn't exactly small time.

Two-thirds of This Is It's mammoth gross came from the rest of the world, led by the Jackson-friendly environs of Japan, the United Kingdom and Germany.

With four more weeks to go, there's no telling what it will make when all is said and done. But clearly, Jackson's executors have created a movie monster.

According to Sony, the film's $101 million is already a new worldwide record for a concert movie ... beating out none other than Best of Both Worlds, natch.

Paranormal Activity (second with $16.5 million), meanwhile, was the weekend's top-grossing non-Michael Jackson movie, and has now grossed $84.8 million.


On second thought, MJ was said to not be in good standing with his religion (disfellowshiped) so it is possible that this would not work. However, could try and hope for the best. I feel so bad for him.


For those idiots who think MJ molested little boys - read the true facts. Money grubbing freaks took a kind, loving person and tried to make everything he said or did dirty. Too bad the rest of the world couldn't be more like MJ. HEAL THE WORLD PEOPLE AND STOP THE CRAP FROM THE MORONS.


"Don't stop 'til you get enough..."


Just saw it tonight!!! It was awesome! Just like he was...there will never be another.... Shannon


If they dont like MJ, these people need to get lost and find something that they like!!!


God bless you christine. Thank you.


georgi,judjing by your comment I believe you are american?Pardon me if I am wrong,but if I am right,your hostility towards MJ does not suprise me.For some reason 'not guilty' seems to have no meaning to SOME americans,it must really be great to know that you are perfect,I do envy you,not! Weird,f***d up? Easy now,phew...oh nevermind... Glad this is it is doing well,we stood by him when his own people abandoned him and will continue supporting him.He is big in my country RSA and loved by many around the globe. 'fixation of the minority mentality' Mmm,right back at ya!


i want to see paranormal activity. i'm a horror movie fanatic


god the green eyed monster appears,some people are jealous of others,cause they,re useless themselves,Rip Michael I love you.x


i cant wait to see that!!! :D


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