THG Comments Contest: Leave the Most Comments This Week and Win a "Robsessed" DVD!

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We announced our Twitter contest winner a little while ago. Now The Hollywood Gossip is pleased to announce the 4th edition of our Comments Contest!

This week's prize? A DVD copy of Robsessed, a new documentary examining the life of Robert Pattinson. Leave the most comments on THG and it's yours.

Comments you leave on our site will be tabulated between now and next Monday. If you leave the most, you win Robsessed. The rules are as follows:

  1. You must register and create a profile. This is easy, fun and FREE. You can fill out your profile under the "Edit My Profile" link while logged in.
  2. We reserve the right to disqualify any users for illegitimate comments (i.e. 470 consecutive two-word comments, URL-only comments, etc.)
  3. Comment on any THG post and say whatever you want. We will count comments made on all our celebrity gossip articles, not just this one.
  4. Keep it clean ... ish. Opinionated, rude, harsh, mean and bitchy are okay, but excessive vulgarity and profanity are strongly discouraged.

That's it! Comment away and get R♥bsessed with THG!

R♥bert Pattinsn. All areas accessed. Swoon city!

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I think Robert is just a human, like u and me, u know like all of us, but this is soooooooo LAME


i have loved rob since before people were all over him, i mean he was awsome in HPGoF and ive been in love with him since and it bugs me that now people are lilke all over him when they thought he wasnt hot enough to be cedric


I don't think Rob cares what is put out there on him anymore. He is so overwhelmed with all the hype, and people are making so much money off of him. I think he just wants the saga over with so he can go on to other acting of his choosing.


Ahh the guide to stalkers lol
But that's ok cause I would totally want this DVD lol :)


i like rob but a whole movie about him....thats crazy but good at the same time,i guess


oh common a documentary is harmless! its pretty much just gonna be pictures of him anyways, videos... movies he's done. Its just cute and must be added to my collection of twilight books, posters and dvd's. It'll fit in nicely in my insanely full room of supernatural, twilight and transformers.


I am a huge fan of RobPattz but really a documentry at 23 is far way too much.its not worth spending any can anyone make someone's documentry when he has hardly done 4or 5movies & one of them a huge hit& worth watching(seriously!)if its made at least! after 5or6 or 10 years then it was okay.


i wouldn´t see this, i love him and everything but is too much, let him a lil of privacy!!
but i would see it, if here´s says if he´s in love with kristen :P


I still want want want!


when i was reading the books i was team Edward, but idk now; i thought bella was really annoying, but i kind of like the girl that plays her in the movies