The Official Remember Me Movie Trailer

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In case you haven't heard, Robert Pattinson is starring in a little movie called New Moon.

He's also scheduled to play a key role in Eclipse, the third film in the Twilight Saga, due out on June 30, 2010.

In between these blockbusters, however, the British actor will expand his resume and appear in Remember Me. The flick co-stars Emile de Ravin, with whom Robert was spotted making out a few months ago.

Was this kissing scene simply in the script? Or were the rumors of off-screen chemistry between this pair valid? Watch the official trailer below and decide for yourself:

Remember Me comes out on March 12. Will you go see it?

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I can't wait to see this movie, it's going to be sooo amazing.


he so does not suit her hes better with kristen


Does anyone remember, Emile when she was in the series roswell? i hated her in that role, as she was a lying boyfriend stealing B****. And i have disliked her from that point on. While she was on televison in Australia she was not that good either.
But the movie i am hoping may change my mind, As it looks great... Mr Pattinson acting skills are becomming much more skilled and he is able to hold his own, While working with Mr James Bond aka Peirce Brosnan who as we all know is also from England.


Looks like a great movie! Can't wait to see it! Rob seems very much the mature actor, much better than New Moon.


I will be the firs in line.


AND I will be right in the line behind you. Playing this role will allow Rob to demonstrate his skill. I know he is "untrained" but some people are naturals. I can't wait for Remember ME". Way to go Rob and excellent career move.


Are you kidding me, will I go see it? I will probably be first in line.


Impressive project; impressive cast of co-stars; impressive depth and breadth to Mr. Pattinson's character development. I have not had the opportunity to see New Moon yet. This performance has subtlety and an emotional range that is definitely different from Twilight. I am looking forward to this performance. Mr. Pattinson, you are making some very wise choices that will limit the possibility of your being easily stereotyped. Bravo! May your career be long and varied. Hmm... Cary Grant, anybody? I guess having a career as varied as Mr. Brosnan's might be a worthy aspiration...?


this will be an awesome movie cant wait and rob is sooooo hot!!!!!


love it, can't wait to see Rob in this movie. It will be great...