The Official Kris Allen Music Video for "Live Like We're Dying"

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We love Adam Lambert, but the guy has to give Kris Allen a break.

First, he received more publicity than Allen after American Idol, even though the latter actually won.

Then, he set a release date for his new album (November 23) just a few days after Allen's hits stores (November 17).

Now, Lambert has the nerve to start dating Ferras Alqaisi and really steal the spotlight from Kris. For shame!

Fortunately, Kris isn't going down without a fight! Or at least a music video. Check out the official video for "Live Like We're Dying" after the jump.




I am very humbled. As much as I truly like Kris, and liked him on Idol and expected soft-like rock that I would buy, IT LOOKS AND SOUNDS EVEN BETTER watching him in live motion. Yes, "yahoooooo!!!" I love Kris, and this video is AWESOME. Allison iraheta comes out Dec 1st. Please love her, too. Thanks.


I had to wait this very long ago....end finally..It's happen...
WOW!!! excited!!!


i like it :D


this is awesome! i love it


Why does Adam Lambert have to give Kris Allen a break?
Kris got his break when he
won the title and the rest was up to him.
Adam did not make things happen by sitting on hi duff!
He is not only the best but he is also a very astute young man.


Love the whole concept of the music video. Very artistic. The video also shows that Kris is a talented musician. The song is really catchy and has a good meaning. Great video and he makes it better by showing off his assets.


Wow..this is seriously amazing..the song is a smash hit..Kris is amazing..I love him to death..great talent..beautiful voice..amazing looks good enough to star in movies..I am so proud of him..can't wait for a gigantic success..he deserve it to the full.


Love the video -- very cool! Kris is getting some well-deserved positive reviews for his music. He doesn't care about being in the gossip columns... But, FYI, Adam isn't dating Ferras. Look on his twitter...he and Ferras (and Ferras' actual BF) are joking about the stupid rumors...


Adam can steal the whole of the universe, who cares? Kris doesn't need the spotlight to achieve his goal, infact he's an under the radar guy and we will all agree it has worked for him. The funny thing is any thing we hear about Adam so far has no association with his musical talent, just celebrity fame. Kris gets to the lime light with his music . Season 8 on repeat, anyone? We have seen it before, this Kris guy is a steaith ninja and I wouldn't underestimate him. People forget so soon.


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