The New Amy Winehouse Addiction: Working Out

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Amy Winehouse has apparently swapped her obsessions with alcohol, drugs and boning Blake Fielder-Civil for a healthier addiction: working out at the gym.

The singer, who has been "drug-free" for a year (not including lots and lots of marijuana, of course), now spends much of her spare time in her private gym.

Her father, Mitch, said: “Everything at the moment is under control. Sometimes - I’m not talking about Amy - other addictions come after another addiction."

“One of Amy’s positive addictions is she’s got her own gym. She’s there 3-4 hours a day. I mean boy is she fit. Really, really fit. So that’s a positive addiction.

Amy spent several months this year on St. Lucia to escape her demons and "work on her new material," i.e. get plowed off beer and boink Josh Bowman.

The Winehouse Workout!

FITNESS POSTER CHILD: Amy Winehouse really smoked that last workout!

Mitch credits his girl’s "recovery" (which certainly wasn't evident last week during her award show antics) to her own good ol' fashioned determination.

"She was the one who carried it all the way through and we encourage her any way that we can. But you know, not enough recognition is given to her."

The former taxi-driver and de facto spokesman for the Grammy winner also said Amy had her recent boob job surgery because her boobs were “saggy.”

“I don’t think the boob job was about confidence," he said. "When she lost all that weight, the weight never came back on her boobs, they were saggy."

"So whatever the reason is, she and they look so great now.”

Thanks, Mitch, for commenting. Way, way TMI, but thanks.

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Health is relative. Just because you stop banging your head against a brick wall doesn't mean to say there is a brain inside it!


good for her, healthy living is never wrong...
not that you can really call what she does healthy living...


im glad shes on the mend :D
i seen her at glastonbury 2008 it wasent pretty :|


Sick he should get together with Jessica Simpson's dad. They both seem to have sick obsessions with their daughter's bodies. Gross, for a father to talk that way about his daughter. Damn