The Hills Recap: "I'm Done With You"

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This week on The Hills, Audrina Patridge and Kristin Cavallari continued to feud over Justin-Bobby, while Spencer threw an "adult" birthday bash for Heidi.

As always, The Hollywood Gossip editors take a look back at last night's The Hills (as we do for The City) awarding and taking away points as we see fit ...

Brody Jenner and Kristin Cavallari walk on the beach waxing philosophical about what it would be like if they dated again. Cue cards, anyone? Minus 2.

Heidi Montag totally blackmails / guilt trips Spencer Pratt into throwing her a birthday party since she let him get his "porno pad." Ah, marriage. Plus 7.

Hearing Brody and Jayde are "on break," Audrina says Brody will never get lucky with another Playmate. Huh? All Brody does is date hot girls! Minus 3.

Kristin puts Justin-Bobby on the spot by talking about getting together with Audrina and dishing about him. Plus 6 because this made him so awkward.

WTF is that on Justin's head? An Elvis wig? Minus 1.

Worst. Fake. Love. Triangle. Ever.

LOL at the random Valley Girl Heidi clones who show up at her party. Plus 4, and Plus 2 more for Spencer surprising Heidi with two little dogs, which are so cute. Although that now gives her three mangy animals to clean up after.

The more we watch Kristin Cavallari, the more obvious it becomes why her acting career hasn't taken off. Not exactly news, but still, obligatory Minus 1.

Audrina passive-aggressively tears Kristin a new one behind her back during a heart-to-heart with Brody. Plus 5, because what she said was so true.

Kristin on Justin: "I have no respect for him now. None." Minus 3, because girls who say this about J-Bobby still can't keep their pants off his floor.

Lo actually plugs her Twitter on camera! So shameless! Plus 2, and Plus 1 more for her reply to Audrina wanting no part of Kristin drama: "totes."

Minus 10 for the Kristin-Justin "confrontation" at the end. Nothing ever gets resolved on this show, likely because much of the conflict is staged.

TOTAL: +7! SEASON TOTAL: +50! The Justin-Bobby drama is starting to wear quite thin, isn't it? We need more cat fights at clubs, ASAP.


Yes, but doesn't LA look beautiful? I miss living there. Who cares if this is all scripted, at least it isn't some bad sit-com. These people make about 100,000 an episode or more in some cases. cheap!


Do these people have real jobs? How can they afford their pampered lifestyles? Or do we provide their means by shamelessly watching their scripted shenanigans? Just wondering....


Also, Lo's comment ~ "it gives me the sads" ... then "totes" .. wow, too much slang for this 40+ -year-old to absorb!


we love audrina and heidi :D


Am I the only sensible human being out there? Does anyone else see how obvious it is that this douche bag Justin Bobby is trying so damn hard to be cool? he talks like he's a big shot smooth guy, but the dude is nothin but a poser douche.. he is lame, ugly, and has sucked audrina's emotions dry in his quest to be something he will never be... cool. i hear he plays drums in a band? probably just using some guys he met one day to look cool and say he's in a band, does the dude actually have friends??? how could u stand this wannabe idiot?... he's just another no talent having, 15 minute fame, ball-less tool with no positive traits but being a slime suckin user, go back to wannabee land where u came from you dime a dozen poser


whats your nummber write back


ugggh, the opening scene with kristin and brody seemed sooo scripted/staged/un-genuine! were brody and jayde really even broken up/on a break? and justin is just so uninteresting!


The problem is that Justin Bobby is a freak...a dirty, stinky looking douchebag....It is so unbelievable that these girls would be fighting over him...

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