The First Trailer for The Last Song

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Earlier this week, a Miley Cyrus video got the young star into major hot water.

She was caught on film bashing the Twilight Saga, saying she "didn't believe in it" and didn't want anything to do with it.

The following video, however, is a lot less controversial and a lot more exciting for fans of the Disney robot icon.

We've uncovered the first official trailer for The Last Song, a movie written specifically for Miley by author Nicholas Sparks. In it, she stars as Ronnie, a teenager sent to live with her estranged father down south.

Aside from solid actors Greg Kinnear and Kelly Preston, the film also star Liam Hemsworth. He and Cyrus make out on screen and, sources continue to confirm, off screen, as well...

The Last Song is Miley's first, non-Hannah Montana feature film. It hits theaters on April 2. Will you go see it?

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yes!!!! i cant wait but it sucks it only comes out next year!


WOW! So much Hatred for someone who has done nothing but bring fun back to music beauty to everything she touches,and joy to millions---including sick children---What the F__K have YOU Haters ever did for anyone besides try to bring down others who are doing something,Huh? take a look at yourself some times---I think you'll find that's where the real ugliness is---NOT with Miley...And YES---I plan to see-it,probably 2-or-3 times,just because...You Haters make me physically ill...


I seriously can NOT wait. I spent $40 buying the book, and I just luv the character Ronnie, the whole book is just amazing, and for the last 3 chapters you will be in tears, I had to keep stopping cause I couldnt see through the tears stinging my eyes. Its my FAVORITE book at the moment. Nicholas Sparks is such an AMAZING author, and I cant wait to see Miles' breakout film


Miley has NO singing or acting ability! Miley needs to SHUT-UP and GO AWAY!!


@11:55,DON'T need to watch trailer to know about movie!Anything that UGLY NO-TALENT Miley is in-isn't worth watching! Miley CANNOT sing or act!


11:55 AM comment-SPEAK for yourself-you DON'T like Miley either! We DON'T hate Miley-we DON'T LIKE her- and we NOT obsessed with her!Miley is a LOSER!!


wow this is pathetic. not the trailer, the comments!! why are you people even watching this if you hate her so much? obviously you're kind of obsessed with her. anyways, I'm not yet convinced of her acting ability, cause frankly she isn't very good on hannah montanna. but it is hard to be good with that show, I suppose. I hope it does well. Although it seemed like they showed the whole movie in the preview....whatever. ill rent it on video.


Why support Miley and give her money,while she bashes other teenage movies? just because she is JEALOUS and NOT in it!! NOT GOING to see any movie with Miley in it!


NO-NOT-NEVER seeing that movie-Miley is in it-duh!! Movie is RUINED !!


Why waste hard-earned money and precious time on that loser and attention-whore Miley?