The First Trailer for The Last Song

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Earlier this week, a Miley Cyrus video got the young star into major hot water.

She was caught on film bashing the Twilight Saga, saying she "didn't believe in it" and didn't want anything to do with it.

The following video, however, is a lot less controversial and a lot more exciting for fans of the Disney robot icon.

We've uncovered the first official trailer for The Last Song, a movie written specifically for Miley by author Nicholas Sparks. In it, she stars as Ronnie, a teenager sent to live with her estranged father down south.

Aside from solid actors Greg Kinnear and Kelly Preston, the film also star Liam Hemsworth. He and Cyrus make out on screen and, sources continue to confirm, off screen, as well...

The Last Song is Miley's first, non-Hannah Montana feature film. It hits theaters on April 2. Will you go see it?


Miley is ok, but i wouyldnt pick her to play ronnie, but the book iws really good, which is a shame that they chose miley to play the part of ronnie, however, it is a good book so i will see the movie nd will have to be content with miley playing the part even though i would prefer someone else


I honestly don't like Miley Cyrus
I think she has no talent or acting ability
and she is a hypicrit for saying all of that stuff about TWILIGHT
Since Hannah Montana is the same shit.. but w/e
she is who she is..
but one thing i can say is.. the movie looks kind of good,,
probably because it is inspired by nicholas sparks.. amazing writer
the love intrest AKA her real bf ... is CUTE!!!


Of course I'm going to see it. It looks good. very excited.


you Miley haters are just lame, Miley is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


yes yes yes i will seen this movie because who would'ent she is the best acter i have ever seen you go girl cant wait to see it you are so good at singing and acting.good luke


you guys are just rude!
seems like your just jealous of her and her great life.
she is beautiful and has an amazing voice. yes hanna montana isnt a good show but it is also made for younger kids this movie looks amazing and i know there will be tons of people going to see it!
you guys are imature little bitches that have no time on your hands. love you miley


Again,the UGLINESS and HATRED is in the people who like Miley!-Read their HATEFUL comments! @ 9:00 and 4:34, you mention "HATE" and "HELL" etc. We are sayiing, WE DON'T LIKE Miley-which we can-! WE DON'T LIKE Miley WE DON'T LIKE Miley WE DON'T LIKE Miley...!!! nothing about "HATE" in there, YOU are saying it!!


This movie is GAY! No way am i seeing it!


all the miley haters can go to hell!!


sure i will. i'm not mileys biggest fan but i'll still go see it :)

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