The City Recap: "Forget About Boys"

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On The City this week, Whitney went on a blind date, Roxy's expectations of her new guy are not met, and Olivia impresses at a Brooklyn Decker photo shoot.

Below, The Hollywood Gossip staff breaks down the events on last night's episode of The Hills spinoff, awarding and deducting points as we deem appropriate ...

A Brooklyn Decker Bikini Photo

Roxy Olin imparts sage advice: Never leave food on the counter. Plus 1.

Whitney Port is going on a "full-on blind date." How can it truly be a blind date if he has to sign a waiver beforehand? She knows exactly who it is. Minus 2.

Blind date Patrick on his job description: "Basically I convince people to buy expensive clothes." Plus 4 for honesty, but Minus 2 for lame fashion acronyms.

Roxy and Zac seem like they could be a cute couple. For now. Plus 3.

Patrick encourages Whitney to "join forces" on the bill. We were getting a douche vibe, and this confirmed it. Why not just ask MTV to cover it, Pat? Minus 6.

Olivia Palermo and Erin Kaplan's task for this week involves Brooklyn Decker pictures in Elle. Plus 5, because Brooklyn rules, and so does her husband A-Rodd.

Roxy to Whitney: "You have to come. I need you as my wing man." Poor Whitney. Always a wing man, never the It Girl. Not even on her own show. Minus 3.

Erin goes off on Olivia to Joe Zee about Olivia "expecting her hand to be held." It's almost as if she's calling out the network for giving Olivia the job. Plus 5.

Zac, despite being billed as "Roxy's date," rolls up in the club with a pack of hot girls. Kind of a d!ck move, but Minus 2 for Roxy unjustly berating him for it.

Plus 1 for the blatant Cobra Starship plug. 21st Century payola? Plus 2 more for the guy defending Olivia as "a babe" when Erin complains about her.

Roxy and Whitney annoyingly go on and on and on about their boring boy problems, but like last week, Kelly Cutrone berates their "quilting circle," so Even.

Man, Erin is gonna straight up murder Olivia soon. You can practically see the steam spilling out of her ears. Plus 2, because at least it'll be televised.

TOTAL: +8. SEASON TOTAL: +7. Annoying at times, but at least Kelly calls out Roxy and Whitney, and we can't wait to watch Erin absolutely snap.


aww didnt you love LV?? :D
haha it was sooo funny when the guy called her a babe!! :)


Was Roxy's "date" even a date? They'd met up as friends a few times before, so so what if he shows up with other girls. It's a CLUB. He probably wouldn't have been able to get in if he showed up with a group of dudes. Cheers to Zac for just being cool and walking away when she started ranting. Not to mention, being super cute! Jeers to Roxy for flying off the handle when Zac was only trying to be her friend.


I loathe Birdface Palermo she is useless and good for Erin by laughing at birdface when she got caught. yeah!! like I love hip hop. you stupid snub!! ) Roxy is endearing because is a battle between good and evil. She wrongs Whitney but comes crawling for support. She was outspoken and blunt specially when she outed falkendouche but cunniving at the same time in different situations. I think she has a layered personality and makes her interesting. Kelli bravo!! I love her she is a trustworthy and Whitney should listen to her because she has her best interest. Poor Erin she should rise above her frustration and go with the flow. Because people are taken by that good for nothing birdface and her time will come.


I thought it was hilarious when Olivia says she listens to Hip-Hop (yah Right) and one of the guys from Cobra Starship asks her if she listens to "A tribe called Quest". she literally has NO idea who that is. What a fucking poser. I am not a fan of hers, I really hope Erin takes her down =]


Agreed -- these recaps are hysterical ... and these days, they're the ONLY reason I even watch The City!


Plus 5 for THG! I absolutley loves these recaps!

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