Taylor Swift: In Concert, In Pictures

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She doesn't create controversy like Adam Lambert.

She doesn't have an unusual, inspiring backstory like Susan Boyle.

She doesn't beat her girlfriend and then get rewarded for it with a primetime interview like Chris Brown.

Instead, Taylor Swift simply makes fun music - and fans around the world love her for it!

The pretty, talented musician took her Fearless tour to England this week. Below we've published a series of photos from her concert at Manchester Arena. If you attended the event, we'd love to hear about it!

In the UK
Concert Rocker
T Swizzle Pic
Swift and Awesome
Country Star in Action
Fearless Tour Pic

[Photos: Splash News]


Erm, Hellion, the song isn't about her.. Geez. How could that song be about her? Like it's even possible for her to go to a highschool, with ppl who don't know who she is, and then leaves her on the bleachers. All songs aren't about the singers themselves. It's just a song...


I hate ignorant people. She didn't write 'You Belong with Me' about her, geniuses! She got the idea from seeing her friend 'on the phone with [his] girlfriend' and that's how she wrote the song. Not because it applies to her. Do y'all think every song by every artist is about them? No. Most don't have anything to do with them, because they don't write them.


I was there at the MEN arena in Manchester !!! Her show was sooooo good, and just like in America- I saw videos on YouTube and she even had the waterfall this during shouldve said no which was amazing :)


Enough of this Idiot already! Not talent, was given awards cause people felt sorry for her cause of Kanye...


She's cute but her music is beyond idiotic. Question: In her song she states "she wears short skirts, I wear T-Shirts" then why every time that I see her she is wearing some sort of a short skirt? I guess that hypocricy gets swept under the rug if your blonde and skinny.


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