Taylor Lautner on Rolling Stone: One Wet Wolf

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It looks like Taylor Swift has something in common with plain white t-shirts:

Both get wet when on top of Taylor Lautner!

Indeed, Rolling Stone released a few photos from its Lautner spread in October. Now, though, the publication has unleashed its cover shot of the Twilight Saga star and we have just two words for it:

Hubba. Hubba.

Teen Wolf

With the New Moon opening behind us, fans of this movie franchise may need to wait a couple months for the PR machine to rev up again in anticipation of Eclipse in June 2010.

This is likely the last Taylor Lautner cover shot for awhile. Soak it in, ladies.

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wow dude he's only 17. But I bet he is a good kisser i totally would make out with him


i would fuck him till he dies hump the fucking shit out of him,him pressing me up against the wall and letting me have it...push me up against the wall,scratch me,pull my hair and fucked me like he meant it.....oh tay oh tay come one more time plx OH MY GOODDDDDDD..I CAME


i would do so many inappropriate things to him i woould ride him till i die of hunger


Honestly. the movie is terrible, but Taylor worths standing it,,,,, He's the most perfect creature I've seen.


I ♥ Taylor Lautner. I saw New Moon twice in theaters! My friend and mom took me. It was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Team Taylor all the freaking way.


im on team jacob and i think taylor l is so hotttt taylor swift is so lucky when i saw new moon with taylor i saw like omg.


madi i agree totally!!!
i think i'm in LOVE!!!


omg i luv u taylor i cant wait for eclipse oh i hat eedward but my gal luvs him ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww nasty