Susan Boyle to Sing on Dancing with the Stars

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Sharon Osbourne may think Susan Boyle is ugly, but we're excited to hear more from this talented Scottish singer.

The Britain's Got Talent finalist will perform next week on Dancing with the Stars, likely singing material from her upcoming CD, I Dreamed A Dream, which hits stores on November 24.


"She's excited and happy," said her brother, John Boyle. "She loves America and loves the people. She appreciates their honesty."

Boyle previously sung for U.S. audiences on America's Got Talent in September. Her presence on Dancing with the Stars should liven up an incredibly boring season.


sharon shut your big fat jealious mouth !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Can hardly wait to hear Susan on DWTS! I'm one of the millions with her CD on order, it can't get here fast enough. Susan has shown more class and talent since her discovery in the Spring than Sharon Osborne will ever have in several life times. The best revenge on your critic is to excel!!


Can't wait to see and hear Susan Boyle.
And yes, I'd contribute to a fund that would ship that rude cow Sharon Osborne back to the U.K. with orders never to open her fat mouth again.


I think that's awesome, she has such a beautiful voice.


You go girl!!
Show Sharon Osbourne what you're made of.
You're so loved and right about now she must be the most hated woman on earth, through no one's fault but her own.


hmmm.... ok sounds good!

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