Spencer Pratt Lambasts Al Roker on Twitter

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Yesterday, we reported that NBC's Today Show called off its planned interview with Speidi at the last minute, citing the ambiguous "schedule changes."

Spencer Pratt thinks he knows the real reason NBC pulled the plug, and responded like anyone would - Twittering a tirade of insults at Today's Al Roker.

There has been no confirmation that Roker's testy relationship with Pratt and Heidi Montag caused the cancellation, but Spencer took it quite personally.

From Roker's weight, to his overall appearance, to his marital history and relationship with his children, nothing about Speidi's nemesis was off limits.

Spencer P. Pic

Spencer may have gone over the line this time.

While you knew he would try to gain publicity from this somehow, he seems rather bitter. Here were Spencer Pratt's ridiculously uncalled-for Tweets to Al:

  • "HEY WEATHERMAN I thought you were out of town today getting your stomach stapled again?"
  • "You look very sick? Do you always look like your about to die? How old are you 97? You should retire asap - No one would even know?"
  • "I heard you snitched on your own kids at school! I bet your kids HATE you!! I would if my dad came to my school and snitched me out"
  • "Is it true you have been married 6 times? I'm sure all your wives left you when they realized you were abusive to women! Sicko!"

Yeesh. That goes a little beyond typical Speidi ribbing, right?

The NBC personality was silent on the topic Monday, but he wasn't the last time Speidi appeared on the show, triggering the couple's Al Roker feud.

Roker didn't take it lightly back in June, saying he would whomp Spencer in a fight and calling out Heidi Montag for her inability to answer questions.

Will he respond this time? Whose side are you on?


Is this person REALLY a celebrity?! GMAFB!!! Who or WHAT is this person? He looks like an evolving monkey or Abominable snow creature. GO AWAY!!!


Any person who can't come up with something productive to say, and his come backs are insults and name calling, shows me that he is a child/has the mentality of a child. SP shows no respect to anyone, he and his wife seem to think that life revolves around them and how a person looks, not how they actually act toward others, etc. The fact that they even get ANY airtime is RIDICULOUS to begin with. He should be grateful that he's living the good life financially, there are many people in this world that don't know where their next meal is coming from and we have to listen to him whine about an interview.


Al is a great guy with class and smarts Speide is one of the reasons young people are so messed up no respect for anyone
but what goes around comes around so that little piss ant will get his turn


Speidi should be wiped from every persons mind & consciousness. Don't need ipecac cuz those two always induce vomiting! Team Roker! Please squash Pratt like the cockroach his is...please!


Pratt is a totally forgettable a-hole. Nice job of cutting off his own nose to spite his stupid face. Buh-bye media whore.

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