Spencer Pratt Baked Out of His Mind

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There's not a lot to say here. No big news or anything scandalous.

It's just a classic picture of Spencer Pratt apparently stoned, drunk or both. Which is good enough for us. After all, who wouldn't get a kick out of this?

Your Order's Up!

For all we know, this photo, which originated on Perez Hilton, was taken while he was blinking. Sometimes the camera just doesn't tell the whole story.

Either way, here is Mr. Heidi Montag at Playboy Mansion ...

Spencer Pratt does some serious ogling. Possibly baked ogling.

Whether Spencer Pratt is really stoned or not, he's apparently gotten his wife confused for some other fake-tanned, bleach blonde tramp with enormous fake boobs.

One can forgive him for that. There are a ton of those in L.A.


what would heidi do nout!


The thing that kills me about so many of these girls, they really aren't that cute in the face area yet so many think that you get your chest fixed and dress skimpy and you automatically are in!! All it really boils down to are a bunch of insecure chicks who let what guys think is right, lead them around. Pathetic.


You guys must really need some material.


Gotta love those bad pictures, it's kinda funny though. He looks like he's having a good time. Whatever


Ogling...oh, I see, you stole that whole article, even the stupid word, from another internet Tabloid.....sham, I thought you guys were trying to go the original route....no more copy-paste articles, please.....BTW...he isn't even looking at that naked lady, lol


When is he ever not baked.

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