South Park Parodies Lady Gaga

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You have to hand it to South Park.

As one of our editors puts it, "as long as the world keeps doing stupid $h!t, they have unlimited material." Maybe so, but they never fail to deliver on said material.

Last week, Eric Cartman performed Lady Gaga's hit "Poker Face" and while far from sophisticated, the humor of listening to the song in his G*d-awful voice is classic.

The premise? Cartman channeled Lady Gaga while playing Rock Band, but Stan wanted the gang to join him protesting the Japanese killing whales and dolphins.

They refused, and then used the song in a montage as Stan led a group of pirates (Sea Shepard) to attack the Japanese whalers. Pretty much speaks for itself.

Here's a fan video containing both the remix and the music video ...

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chicos en guay south parrrrk los adoro soy latina losers


Fuck southpark needs some new shit.
This was kinda boring they couldve done so much more with this song.


literally. south park owns.
I adore cartman!


haha south park is the best show ever!


That was funny


This is not new news....didn't read this like...a week ago? Anyhow, NO MORE GAGA!!

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